God Rules
The Ten Commandments
Based on Exodus 1 - 20


Actors: Narrator, Moses, Aaron, Pharaoh, Slave Master, Israelite Slaves (choose a few children).

Props: Bible-time costumes or improvise by draping fabric over actor's heads and shoulders, crown for Pharaoh, yarn "whip" for Slave Master.

Narrator (teacher) prompts actors to pantomime their parts (indicated with italics).

(Optional: Rather than have individuals act it out, write the actions--in italics--on large cue cards for the entire class to say together. Number the cards to place them in order.)









Narrator: Thousands and thousands of years ago Godís people, the Israelites, were slaves in Egypt. Their slave masters were cruel and worked them very hard. 

Make those bricks. Build those pyramids! 

Narrator: The Slave Masters beat their slaves and even killed their children! 

Beat those slaves. 

Narrator: The Israelites cried out to God for help. 


Narrator: So God sent Moses to save them. 

Moses! Thank God, youíre here!

Narrator: God told Moses and his brother, Aaron, to go to Pharaoh to tell him to free the Israelites. 

Let my people go! 

Narrator: But Pharaoh was a very stubborn king and refused to obey God. 

No way. 

Narrator: But God would not be stopped. So he sent . . . 

(End of sample)

The rest of this Bible skit is included in the 
2nd Edition of God's Top Ten Bible curriculum.



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