Christian Skits for Fall, Thanksgiving 

Teaching Kids to Act on their Faith

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A Harvest Carol 
Inspired by "A Christmas Carol," the main character wants to celebrate Halloween, but learns that to do so may be dangerous.

Dry Bones 
'Tis the season for tacky Halloween decorations to be replaced by tacky Christmas decorations.

Giving Thanks 
The Plymouth Pilgrims face nearly insurmountable hardships as they prepare for Thanksgiving. When help suddenly arrives from an unanticipated benefactor, their colony and their Thanksgiving are saved.

King Saul's Bad Choice 
King Saul had a choice to make about going to see a medium. He knew mediums or witches were evil and not of God. This Bible skit teaches an important lesson about making good and bad choices. 

Repent, the Kingdom is Near 
Sample this skit from "Lesson Five: The Feast of Trumpets," from the book Come Celebrate the Feasts of the Lord, They Show Us Jesus.

Squanto's Thanksgiving 
Thanksgiving began long before the Pilgrims and Indians sat down to dinner at Plymouth Colony. A one act children's play, set in the Fall of 1615, tells the Thanksgiving story.

The First Thanksgiving 
Holding posters of five kernels of corn, children tell the Thanksgiving story.

Valley of the Skulls 
A retelling of the story of Ezekiel and the valley of dry bones.

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