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Food Devotion for Children's Ministry

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Ages: Pre K-5th grade

Focus: God's judgment of sinful people and His mercy towards his followers. 

Read the account of Noah from a condensed children's version of the Bible (Genesis 6-9). 

1) Why did God destroy the entire earth? (Because of the wickedness and sinfulness of the people.)
2) Why didn't God destroy Noah and his family? (Because they were righteous. Which means they trusted and obeyed God.)
3) What did God promise Noah? (He would never flood the entire earth again.)
4) What sign did God give to Noah and to us of his promise? (The rainbow.)

What You Need: Small pita pockets cut in half, chocolate frosting, animal crackers, plastic knives, paper plates.

What You Do: Spread chocolate frosting on the inside of the pita pocket (frosting represents the pitch). Choose a few pairs of animal crackers to place inside. Eat and enjoy.

Let the sweetness of this treat remind you that when you follow and obey God, your life will be sweeter, because you are God's child and he loves you.

Copyright 2001 S.A. Keith

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