Turkey Ornaments

For each one: 1", 2" and 3" x 6" colorful cotton fabrics for tail (cut upper long edges with pinking shears)
Walnut in shell for body
3" of sisal rope
Scraps of red and yellow felt
Dried cornhusk, fabric or paper for wings
Black fine-point marker
12" thin dowel or skewer
Modge-Podge glue; brush; glue gun
Pinking shears; aluminum foil; drill (optional)


BRUSH Modge-Podge on fabrics, working over foil. Stack fabrics with largest on bottom, side and lower edges matching. Coat front lightly again with Modge-Podge. Let dry.

FOLD tail accordion-style in 3/8"-wide pleats. Hot-glue pleats together at bottom, inserting top of dowel (or drill hole and glue dowel into bottom of walnut, which will be the body).

FOLD 3/4" end of rope forward and glue to form head and neck.

CUT a 1/4" x 11/2" strip of red felt for wattle. Glue to front of head. Add small yellow-felt diamond for beak. Dot black eyes on rope above wattle.

HOT-GLUE walnut, with pointed end up, to front of tail. Glue neck/head to front of walnut. Cut two 1 1/2"-long diamond shapes for wings from husk, fabric or paper. Glue to sides. Insert turkey in a vase or potted plant.

Used by permission from WomansDay.Com

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