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I Love the Christ . . . He Leadeth Me!

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This simple poem is very special. It reminds me of how God shows up in lovingly specific and personal ways for his children. Allow me to explain.

My husband and I had the honor of taking care of my mom in our home during the last eight years of her life. When she died at the age of 93, she rarely knew who I was. The amazing thing is, she never forgot who Jesus was. She could recite long portions of Scripture such as John 1:1-18 and she would often say this poem. After she died, I would try remembering it, but could only recall some of it. I donít think I asked God for help, but I really wanted to remember it. Of course, I searched the internet using various search terms, but was unsuccessful. It was getting very frustrating, until one day, as I was cleaning out her dresser drawers, I found a journal I had given to her. I had given her the task of writing down activities she did throughout the day, as well as other memories such as, where she grew up, how many children she had, where she lived now, those kinds of things. As I began looking through this treasure, I discovered she had written down the poem! I canít even begin to tell you what a blessing it was to read it in her handwriting! It is priceless to me! 

Finding that poem was a surprise answer to a prayer, which I hadnít even asked! God knew I needed that connection with my mom! 

I hope this poem reminds you of Godís great love and plan for your life and encourages you! 

I'm also happy to tell you that I've made the poem available for others to give as a gift or to display in their homes, workplaces, and churches! There are two designs included in the download, a full-color or a black & white version, which can be printed on your home computer or local print shop. Available now on my Etsy platform. Click here to learn more!

May God surprise you today with his blessings!
Sarah Keith

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