I'm Hooked On Daddy!

Father's Day Craft for Kids Ages 2-7

Fathers Day Craft Fishing I'm Hooked on Daddy

*Alternate text: Jesus caught me! I'm hooked on Jesus!

What you need: little hands, small canvas board, acrylic paint, brushes, permanent marker.

What you do: paint canvas board with a wash of blue paint and allow to dry. Paint one palm of hand using your choice of color. Press palm vertically along the bottom of the board to create the "sea-grass." Paint the palm of the other hand using your choice of color. Add another color to paint the stripes on the hand. Press palm horizontally on the board to create the fish. Allow to dry. Use the marker to draw the fish lips, the hook, and the line. If children are able, have them write, I'm hooked on daddy!

Don't forget to have them sign their artwork!

Copyright 2015 Dana D. Gaynor

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