Saint Patrick's Day

Christian Craft Project 

Here is the information for a Saint Patrick's Day craft project that I am preparing for the children using patterns from the Chrismon-Kids book.

Patterns needed: 
1. Shamrock Heart
2. Dove of Peace
3. Star - "4 Points" (Natal Star)
4. Triangle (with eye).

Templates: I use empty cereal boxes (or similar material) to make my templates. 

Instructions: A

1. Enlarge Shamrock Heart to fill an 8 1/2 x 11 paper. (If your enlargement fits completely on your paper and you are content with the size, then skip steps A. 2. and D. Cut out the complete Shamrock Heart. Then go to step A. 3a, 4 & 5. ) 

2. I then cut out the large heart and the stem. 

3a. Next, trace around the piece on the inside side of a cereal box. 
3b. I made 3 templates of the large heart. Cut out templates. 

4. Cut out the small heart. 

5. Trace around the small heart on the inside side of a cereal box. One of these is enough. Cut out template.

Instructions: B

1. Decrease size of: Dove of Peace and Star - 4 Points (Natal Star) to a size where the pieces will fit nicely on the small enlarged heart. 

2. Cut these out. 

3. Trace around these on inside side of cereal box. 

4. Cut out templates.

Instructions: C

1. Copy Triangle (with eye). Do NOT change the size of this one. 

2. Cut around the eye. 

3. Trace around eye on the inside side of cereal box. 

4. Cut out template. 

NEXT: If you wish to have separate pieces for the circles of the eye: 
a) Cut around the large circle only. 
b) Trace around the large circle on the inside side of a cereal box. 
c) Cut out template. 

NEXT: Do NOT cut out small circle!!!! A standard round hole will make a nice center for the eye. Simply use black paper to punch from.

Instructions: D

1. Using a large cereal box (or similar material) lay out the 3 large heart templates in a similar arrangement to the original. Add the stem at the center bottom. 

2. Trace around the outside of the large hearts and the stem, thus making a larger Shamrock Heart template. 

3. Cut out template.

Instructions: E 

1. Then, of course, one small heart is placed in the center of each of the heart shaped leaves. 

2. One dove, one star, and one eye are each placed over a small heart.

Instructions: F

Colors. I chose a dark green for the large Shamrock Heart. I found a soft light green for the small hearts to go in the center of each large heart leaf. I used white for the Dove of Peace, the Star - 4 Points (Natal Star) and the Triangle (with eye). I have not decided on what color to use for the eye yet.


There are various materials available as I am sure you are all aware. Any one of them can be a good choice. Your choice may center on cost or how many you need to make. We have the standard construction paper. Then there is the new foam sheets which are very nice to work with and make a nice finished project. I chose poster board because I wanted something that would be stiff and not floppy. Also because of the number of projects I need. I am using it now for children's church and again in the summer at camp.

In the service of the King of Kings,
Mary E. Starke

Download a St. Patty's Day game to accompany this craft project.

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