Joyful Noise Castanets 

"Make a joyful noise unto God..." Psalm 66:1 

Learn to make castanets

What You Need
Two metal jelly jar lids (approx. 2-1/2" diameter), nail, hammer, newspapers, small bead, chenille stem, glue stick, colored pencils, two patterns (below). You might want to make a set for each hand. Optional: ribbon, beads or small bells to make the dangle.


What You Do
Place lids, top side down, on a stack of newspapers. Use the hammer and nail to punch two holes opposite one another near the inside outer edges of the lids. 

Starting on the outside top of one of the lids, string the chenille stem through hole "A", loop through the inside bottom hole, "B". String through the bead and into the hole on the second lid, "C". Loop chenille stem through the inside hole, "D". One of the lids should rest inside the bottom edge of the other lid. Pull chenille stem tight. Bend the ends of the chenille stems around the edges of the lids at "A" and "D" to hold in place. 

Color patterns. Cut along dotted lines. Glue patterns to the tops of lids. 

Optional: Evenly string a thin 12" ribbon through the bottom bead. String beads to the ends of the ribbon. Knot ribbons at ends to hold beads in place. You could substitute small bells for the beads.

To play the castanets, hold in your hand with bead end facing down. Click the lids together to make a joyful noise unto God this New Year!

Copyright 2005 Sarah Keith

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