Easter Egg Globe 

A Gospel Message Craft | by Wendy Olson

Wendy writes, "This is my favorite Easter craft. I do it every year with my class, it works no matter the age. I hang mine by the kitchen sink window year round!"

Prepare for each child a simple paper collar to hold the egg (a strip of paper glued in a loop) and an egg, with the yolk blown out, dyed blue. Have extra because they are fragile.

In class provide small bits of sponges, green, white, gold and brown paint. Look at pictures of earth from space, noting the colors of the continents and the swirl of clouds. Then sponge paint the eggs to look like earth. Let dry until near the end of class. Then use gold paint pen to write John 3:16 on the egg. Hot glue a ribbon hanger to the top of the egg. 

Provide paper towel and plastic zipper bags to help the children get them home safely. 

Copyright 2001 Wendy Olson - jwblolson@yahoo.com 

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