New Year's Goals Piņata

Reward Idea for Classrooms

What You Need: Balloon, paper mache, colored tissue paper and Modge Podge or water-based paint and paint brushes. To make the paper mache paste, you will need three parts water to one part wall paper paste. Then soak torn newspaper strips (approximately 2" x 4") into the paste to make the paper mache.

What You Do: Blow up the balloon and tie off. Cover with paper mache, but leave a hole at the top just large enough to place candy inside. When it is completely dry, poke a pin into the balloon to pop it. Decorate the piņata with paint or cover it with strips of colored tissue paper and Modge Podge. Allow to dry. Fill the piņata with candy or small toy favors. Poke two holes near the top on either side of the hole. Pull heavy string through the holes to hang your piņata. 


Mark the string into segments. The segments represent an accomplished goal such as: bringing Bibles to class, collecting a certain amount of money for missions, bringing food for the poor, bringing friends, etc. When a goal is met, the piņata is lowered a bit. When the piņata is at the desired level for play, children take turns trying to crack it open for the treats (blindfolds optional).

Copyright 2008 S.A. Keith

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