Valentine's Day Card 

Lesson Focus: John 3:16 "God's Love"

For Ages 3 - 6 years

What You Need: Pink paper (8.5 x 11"), black and red markers, mini paintbrush roller, red paint poured in large bowl.

What You Do: Fold paper in half to make a card. 

For the front of the card, children or teacher writes the Bible verse with a black marker as it is shown in the first picture, below, and then uses a red marker to spell out v-a-l-e-n-t-i-n-e. 

Valentines Card Craft pre-school

On the inside of the card, children or teacher writes the child's name on the top of the card, and Feb. 14, (with year) at the bottom of the card.

Apply paint to roller, and then roll onto the palms of the children. You might allow older children to do it for themselves. Press painted hands on center of paper, overlapping slightly, to form a heart as pictured below.


Valentines Card Craft for Kids

Sent in by Dana K. - 2013

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