Chrismon Wreaths

Christ Monograms are Symbols of Christianity

Make a Chrismon Wreath this Advent-Christmas season using our Chrismon Snowflakes. Pictured above, top and clockwise (click on ornaments to enlarge): Fish and Doves, Two Doves, Butterfly, and Circle-Cross.) Or make our Chrismon-Kids' patterns (shown below). 

Chrismon Wreaths are like Chrismon Trees in that you decorate the greenery using Chrismons* with white or white and gold decorations. White symbolizes God's holiness and purity, and gold symbolizes his majesty and glory. The greenery represents new life in Christ; the circle of the wreath reminds us of God's eternal nature.

Chrismon Snowflakes are for Ages 9-Adult

*Watch a video of a Chrismon Snowflake being cut

Chrismon-Kids are for ages 3-103
. Patterns shown, top and clockwise:
Dove of Peace, Star of David, Celtic Cross, and Crown.

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