Lollipop Angel

Christmas Craft for Children

Lollipop angel craft for kids

1. Take a round lollipop (Dum-Dum or Tootsie Roll type) and put a Kleenex over the top with the sucker in the middle of the Kleenex and pull around the sucker and gather around the sucker stick. It should now resemble a head with a flowing robe. 

2. Take a long glitter pipe cleaner and secure the Kleenex around the sucker stick with a few twists- make sure you do this in the middle of the pipe cleaner so the ends are the same length for the next step. This is the now the angel neck with the flowing robe below. 

3. Take the extra ends of the pipe cleaner and bend them into a wing shape behind the sucker- and twist them shut at the bottom, this will resemble a heart shape from the back view of the angel. 

4. Now make a halo for the angel- you can use many things for this, a lemon lifesaver, gold cord, small piece of the pipe cleaner, or I have even used those cute fake wedding rings found a cake decorating store that cost pennies - attach this to the angel head, use blonde curly doll hair underneath if you wish. Now attach wiggly eyes if you want or use an extremely fine tip felt pen to draw a face, it must be fine tip or the color will bleed easily and make a mess on the face. 

Sent in by: Mary Goemaat, Faith Reformed Church,

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