Three Cheers for Pastor

A Pastor Appreciation Skit |by Karen Werkmeister

Scenario: Puppets do a cheer for pastor by spelling "pastor." The twist is that the puppets pop up so that the letters look out of order (backward) so as to misspell the word. Then the puppets move around to correct the spelling and finish the cheer.

Narrator or leader, and puppets each displaying a letter from the word, "PASTOR" 
(I stapled 4"x5" signs to their shirts)

Narrator: Hi everybody! (to audience) We’re here today to show our Pastor how much we appreciate him! So, we’re gonna do a cheer! (looking down at other puppets behind curtain) Ready?

All puppets: Ready!

Narrator: Give me a P

Puppet 1: P! P is for the Prayers you pray, and for our prayers for you and (pastor's wife), that God will perfectly bless you.

Narrator: Give me an A

Puppet 2: A! A is for Accepting us as God’s children who grow to Appreciate you more each day.

Narrator: Give me an S

Puppet 3: S! S is for your Selfless Serving in a job that’s been well done.

Narrator: Give me a T

Puppet 4: T! T is for the Time you take to Teach God’s love for us.

Narrator: Give me an O

Puppet 5: O! O is for your Ongoing Openness to Overwhelming Opportunities to lead us Onward as Christians.

Narrator: Give me an R

Puppet 6: R! R is for being Resourceful, Responsible and Relentless in making learning about Jesus fun.

Narrator: Spell it out!

All puppets in progression: P – A – S – T – O – R !

Narrator: What’s that spell? (looks at letters on puppets) What DOES that spell? Rotsap? Ahem! Puppets, Rotate! (As puppets rotate, you can hear murmuring such as "excuse me", "maybe we shoulda practiced more", "pardon me", "I told you we were in the wrong order!", "ouch", "sorry bout that", etc.)

Narrator: Ready? Spell it out!

All puppets in progression: P – A – S – T – O – R !

Narrator: What’s that spell? 

All puppets: Pastor!

Narrator: 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 Who do we appreciate?

All puppets: Pastor! Pastor! Pastor! Yea! (all puppets exit cheering)

Copyright 2002 Karen Werkmeister  

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