Christmas Skit, The Best Gift Ever!

Why are Gifts Exchanged at Christmas?

Synopsis: A Sunday school teacher helps her students to realize the real meaning behind exchanging gifts at Christmas.

Characters: Ms. Jenkins, Child 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Setting: Sunday school classroom

Props: Chairs, bibles, Electronics

[Ms. Jenkins walks into the Sunday school classroom and over hears the children talking about Christmas]

Child 1: I'm getting some new shoes for Christmas.

Child 2: I'm getting a new cell phone.

Child 3: I'm getting a new tablet!

[All of the children chime in together telling one another what they are expecting to receive Christmas morning.]

Ms. Jenkins: All of your gifts sound really nice, but I got a gift better than all of those. In fact, my gift is the best gift ever.

[All of the children stop talking and look at Ms. Jenkins in amazement.]

All of the Children: [In a surprised voice] Really? You do?

Ms. Jenkins: Yep, since it is Christmas, I plan to share that gift with all of you today.

Child 4: No way, prove it!

Child 5: Did you when the lottery or the Mega Million?

[Children all inquire what the gift is at once.]

Ms. Jenkins: [Laughing and shaking her head no.] My gift is better than any electronic, new sneakers, or even winning a bunch of money in the lottery.

Child 1: Enough already! What is the gift?

Ms. Jenkins: I will give you all a hint.

Children: [In an excited voice] Ok, go ahead!

Ms. Jenkins: My gift didn't cost me anything.

Child 1: [Shocked look] It was free?

Child 2: Are you pulling our leg? Free gifts usually stink!

Children: Yeah!

Ms. Jenkins: You guys, my gift is Jesus! He was free for me to receive and pass along to others.

Child 5: How is Jesus the best gift ever?

Child 3: Yeah, I'd rather have new video games.

Child 2: Me too! Me too!

Ms. Jenkins: Jesus is the best gift, because he is the reason we exchange gifts at Christmas! If God never gave his son, Jesus, there would be no Christmas! Therefore, you would never get any of those fancy gifts you all want. 

Child 1: Hooray for Jesus! Thanks to Jesus, we get gifts at Christmas!

Child 2: Yeah, hooray for Jesus!

Ms. Jenkins: Yes, hooray for Jesus! Hooray for him being the best gift, not because of the other gifts we receive.

Ms. Jenkins: Have any of you ever been sick?

Child 1: I have.

Ms. Jenkins: How did you get well again?

Child 1: I don't know; because mom gave me Chicken soup?

Ms. Jenkins: No, chicken soup did not heal you, Jesus did. He is our healer, our protector, and our Savior. Jesus was born so we could have the gift of eternal life! The Bible says, "God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life" John 3:16 (NLT).

[All of the students have an ah-ha moment realizing the value of Jesus.]

Children: Hooray for Jesus! The best gift ever!


Copyright 2013 Demarquis Lamar Johnson

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