Chrismon Chocolate Torte Stencil

A Beautiful Way to Decorate--One More Use for Chrismon Snowflakes!

I made a No-flour Chocolate Torte for Christmas dessert. Yet, I thought it deserved more than just powdered sugar randomly sprinkled on top. My son suggested I use one of my Chrismon Snowflakes as a stencil. "Oh my goodness," I said. "That's a great idea!" I ran to my Chrismon tree and plucked off the "Two Doves" ornament, and then flattened it out and laid it on top. I then put two tablespoons of powdered sugar in a handheld mesh strainer and gently tapped the edges to release the sugar. I then carefully lifted the "Chrismon stencil" straight up and off the torte. Voila! It turned out beautifully! What do you think?

For those purchasing the Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments book, I will be happy to email you the recipe to make this luscious dessert! After purchasing, simply email me your order number and request the No-flour Chocolate Torte recipe.

Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments
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