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SSTN # 100 - September 30, 2003

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NEW LOOK FOR "His Name Shall Be Called..."

1) Apple seed star
2) Horse & Rider Song?
3) Clown Play?
4) Apple seed star

NEW LOOK FOR "Super Heroes"

5) Bored?
6) Secret Santa or Secret Admirer?
7) Apple seed star   
8) Candyland Theme   

Spirit Gifts...An Introduction For Children

9) Holyword vbs?   
10) Rudolph Analogy?
11) Contemporary Worship Services   
12) Youth Sermons   

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"His Name Shall Be Called..."

The God of the Old and New Testament is known by many names. These names
help us to understand his nature and reputation. They define him as
Protector, Defender, Friend, Advisor, Judge, and Savior to name just a
few. "His Name Shall Be Called..." seeks to teach children how to obey the
third commandment, which says, "Do Not Misuse God’s Name". This series
contains a variety of fun lessons, crafts, and games to teach respect and
honor for God to the children in your ministry. For Kindergarten - 5th
grade. Free USA shipping!

To learn more, go to this page:
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1) Apple seed star

> Does anyone know a devotion that goes along with the seeds of an apple?
> It has something to do with a star.  You cut the apple across and the

I don't know the devotion, but I made ornaments for our Advent celebration
by cutting apples crossways.  Then I cut out star shapes with a cookie
cutter, dipped them in lemon juice and then dried them in a low oven for
1-2 hours.  I had the children thread gold string and glue a ribbon bow on
them. Then I read from the Christmas story about the star shining down on
Bethlehem.  Hope this helps.

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2) Horse & Rider Song?

Have you heard of a song called the Horse & Rider Song from the song of
Moses and Miriam in Exodus ch 15? I am looking for the words and music.
Anyone know where I can find them?

Sarah Keith <><

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3) Clown Play?

I am looking for a Christian play that I was in during the 80's called
"The Clown".  It was very beautiful, and I have never forgotten it.  Can
you help me.

Thank you.
Val sprott

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4) Apple seed star

Inside every apple there is a star. Inside every person there is something
God can use and we are a star to Him.

La Marque, TX

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--> NEW LOOK FOR Super Heroes

This special midweek program examines the lives of some famous
and not-so-famous people who had willing hearts to obey God.
And by obeying him, they were used in miraculous and powerful
ways to help change the course of human history. It is the goal of this
series to build FAITH, COURAGE, and OBEDIENCE in the lives of children,
and to change the world for Jesus Christ.

To learn more, go to this page:
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5) Bored?

Hello. I'm wondering, is there anyway I can make teaching more fun and
more exciting?  I feel like all I ever do is tell a story, do crafts, do
worksheets, etc. Is there a way in which I can give out the story/main
point differently so that the kids are really listening attentively?  I
guess, it's not just them who are bored of doing the same things, but I am
also. I would like to know of different and better approaches to reaching
out to the kids. Thanks. God is good. Amen.

--from SSTN: check out the Bible ACT-ion Skit idea on the Bible Skits
This technique has been very successful for me!
Your moderator,
sarah keith

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6) Secret Santa or Secret Admirer?

I am trying to start a project with our kids to reach out to the lonely,
widowed, or elderly members of our church.  I have seen ideas about doing
a secret Santa type of project, where they send or make items for their
designated person on a regular basis.  Has anyone ever done this, and how
have you carried it out?

Thank you!
Lori, Monroe WI

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7) Apple seed star   

I'm not sure of the age group, but for ages up to 6 or so you could sing
the song, The Lord is Good to Me.

(The Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord, for giving me the
things I need, the sun and the rain and the apple seed, the Lord is good
to me.)

I think that there is a standard devotion used here, but you could also
improvise.  For example, you could refer to the star of Bethlehem, God
guides us.  Or you could talk about Sarah and Abraham, and how God
promised their descendents would be greater than the stars in the
heavens, God promises to care for us.

Good luck and have fun!

Kim in California
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8) Candyland Theme   

Quite a few years ago I did a Sunday School theme somewhat like Candy
Land.  We had a promotion going that went for bringing visitors, memory
verses, etc.  I placed a tree branch (large) in a pot of plaster to set.
Then I tied all kinds of candy to it.  The winner of the promo won the
candy tree.  Also there were other candy prizes like a yard of candy
(taped to the length of a yard stick - which is real cheap at any hardware
department).  Of course small amounts of candy were freely used

Also I frequently imitated Jackie Gleason (which is going back a way) when
he said, "How swe-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-et it is."

I made a poster that said:
What is church like for you? 
Like vitamins (glue vitamin bottle to poster)...Good for you.
Like cereal (glue small cereal box)...ry and uninteresting.
Candy (glue candy to poster) ...Can't get enough of it.Lord, make me
hungry for Your Word.

Use Candy Land people (cut out of bright colored paper) to put class names
on the doors.  Make a Candy Land board on the floor (again, colored paper
taped to floor) with the path leading to each classroom.

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--> Spirit Gifts...An Introduction For Children

An inspirational midweek program that contains a variety of fun lessons,
crafts, and games to teach children about the following Spirit-filled
SERVING, and EVANGELISM. (K-5th grade)

To learn more, visit this webpage:

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9) Holyword vbs?   

this is the first time I post something..but Im in a  desperate mode
here...Ive been looking for the Holyword VBS kit by group publishing, Its
been a couple of years since it came out. If anybody has the kit and would
not mind selling it or donating it . I would greatly appreciated it. Our
church is starting a Children's church and doesnt count with a lot of
funds , but we have seen the need for a Children's Church and know that
God will provide. I would be the one coordinating it ...and since this is
the first time I will be doing something like this..I would like to use
this kit to start off with.
Thank you so much and many blessings
My email address is Sisterleti@aol.com

--from SSTN: try contacting Group Pub.

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10) Rudolph Analogy?

I saw a brief paragraph on the web that refers to the Rudolph Analogy
about how Rudolph compares to Jesus be earth and not being liked by others
and Santa being God took care of him and made him know he was important,
etc.  (I'm probably missing things here) But I am looking for this story -
Can you help???
Dawn M. Halstead

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11) Contemporary Worship Services   

Dear Friend:
A very popular event at our church is "YOUTH SUNDAY", held once a year but
could be done quarterly (on the fifth Sundays of the month which occur
about 4 times a year).  During this service, youth do everything.  In the
order of worship, a different youth is assigned each portion.  Adult
guidance happens before the event but it is totally run by youth on that
Sunday; no adults participate.  The pastors sit in the front row.  The
youth open with prayer.  One will lead the songs (which can be
contemporary).  You can use CDs or if you can assemble a youth "group"
with drums, guitars, piano and vocalists, that is even better).  Youth do
the ushering and collect the offering.  Youth read the scripture.   Youth
write and lead the prayers, benediction, etc.  Two or three youth (usually
older high school kids) give their testimonies in lieu of an actual
sermon.  Use different youth at different services.  Some of our youth do
a liturgical dance ("Can You Imagine?" by Mercy Me - Awesome song for
dance interpretation).  Youth do it all.  The youth that give their
testimonies write them out for the adults to review; but the adults should
try NOT to change anything.  This is a youth service.  Prepare a bulletin
and have each kids name beside the portion they perform.  Just make sure
content and presentation are appropriate for all audiences and your
denomination.  Keep it in the regular time frame and do it for all
services remembering to use EVERY youth that wants to be involved.  If
they are not strong speakers, find another job for them.

This is an awesome time in the life of a congregation.  You will be
preparing your kids for the future.  It is actually the first time we went
to our church and my daughters, ages 8 and 9, were mesmerized by the fact
that youth were running this event.  They asked if we could come here, and
we have never left.  They are now 14 and 15 and they actively participate
in the youth service itself.  How awesome is that!  It does take planning
and preparation but it is well worth it and God will be with you every
step of the way.  If I can be of further assistance, email me at

God bless you in your efforts.
Reesee Michalochick
Virginia Beach United Methodist Church

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12) Youth Sermons   

Mary - One sermon we did at our church was very powerful.  Our Youth
Leader made homemade brownies and brought them in for the Youth Group.
She made them wait to eat them while we discussed the topic of the night.
(We try to give our youth sermons without letting them get bored with
being preached at.)  The topic of the night was the movies that are rated
R and shouldn't be seen by many of our youth (sixth through twelfth grade)
because of bad language, sexual or violent content.  The youth would
always argue "well it's only a little bit of sex or bad language and that
is no big deal".  Believe me, someone will present that point of view,
which is exactly what you want.  As the conversation leads that way, pass
out the brownies but ask them to wait to eat them.  Once everybody has
one, begin to talk about the ingredients included in your recipe - fresh
butter, cocoa, eggs, flour, etc.  The last ingredient mentioned is just a
little tiny bit of dog droppings but tell them that it is just a little
bit and it shouldn't really matter.  Just like they don't notice the bad
language or are not bothered by the sexual content, they "shouldn't"
notice the dog droppings among all the other yummy ingredients.  You'll
find that NO ONE will eat the brownies.

You then correlate them not wanting to eat the brownies because they have
a tiny bit of dog droppings in them with watching movies that have a
little bit of sexual content or bad language.  You shouldn't willingly
accept any of that stuff into your life.  Just like you wouldn't choose to
eat those brownies with that last added ingredient, you shouldn't ACCEPT
the bad language or sexual content in movies.  It will make them
desensitized to the atrocities of the world.  You can take this as far as
your want but it delivers a very powerful message and many of our youth
were very moved by the message.  It may be a "unique" way to reach these
teenagers but let's face it, reaching teenagers is a challenge at best.
Sometimes you have to be very creative.

Another sermon that was equally impressive was about judging things (or
people) by what you see on the outside.  The youth leader presented five
desserts and one by one volunteers came up, chose a dessert and ate it.
Some got exactly what they expected and some were surprised.  For
instance, we included a candy bar, a brownie, a piece of pie, a cookie and
chocolate pudding.  The first youth came and chose what they knew - the
candy bar, ate it and was happy.  The next kid chose the brownie - the
delicious chocolate frosted brownie.  It looked like a brownie and it was
frosted all over with chocolate frosting but it was really a sponge.  What
they thought they were seeing and getting was not what they expected at
all.  The third youth came up and chose the pie and boy was he nervous,
wondering what he might get.  The pie looked good, it smelled good but the
supposed creamy coconut filling was made with coconut and mayonnaise.
Yuck!  The next youth chose the cookie, which was really a cookie so he
lucked out.  The last youth chose the pudding and dug all the way through
it before he would taste it, trying to make sure we didn't hide anything
in it.  Once he tasted it, he realized that we had put NO SUGAR in that
pudding and it was very bitter tasting.  It looked fine, it smelled fine
but it was not good.  This was a powerful lesson about being judgmental
and being careful what you chose based on looks.

Hope these help.  They DO step a little out of the box but with teenagers
that is sometimes where we need to go.  God bless you in your effort.



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