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SSTN - Number 230
October 2, 2001

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1) Jesus is the Shepherd/Gate?
2) Survivor Challenges
3) Walk thru Bethlehem village?
4) Christian youth song?
5) 4 Year Old Music/Fun Class?
6) Christmas plays
7) Stories for puppets?
8) Pledge to the Christian Flag
9) Peter visits Cornelius's house?
10) Christmas program for a small Church
11) Material in other languages
12) Foreign Language Resources

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1) Jesus is the Shepherd/Gate?

Hi, Recently, I was teaching from John 10:1-18 about Jesus being the Good
Shepherd. However, in the same passage, Jesus also referred to Himself as
the gate. A student was confused and asked why Jesus is the Shepherd that
enters through the gate, and at the same time, He is the gate!

I explained that Jesus is both the Good Shepherd, and the Gate/Door, and
that I this context, we look at them exclusively, and not combined them
together in reference to the sheep pen. Is there any better explanation or
interpretation? Especially in the light that our audience is children?
Warmest regards,
Melvin Cheong

--from SSTN: because young children are literal thinkers, and not abstract
thinkers, it can sometimes be difficult, but not impossible, to explain. I
think you are correct in explaining they are to be looked at separately.
The Good Shepherd reflects Jesus' character (the loving protector of his
people, willing to die for them). The Gate/Door tells us there is one way
to be saved. There is only one way to get to Heaven. (If there is only
one door to your classroom ask the kids if there was another door to get
in. In the same way...there is one door to Heaven, Jesus is our door, (he
opens the door, might be something they can grasp.) (see also: 1 Timothy
2:5 -- There is one mediator between God and man...Jesus Christ.)

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2) Survivor Challenges

Our churches' Junior Class (ages 10-13) requested a quarter filled with
Survivor challenges. Any ideas??

Liezl Fotiadis, Orange Grove Family Church, Gauteng, South Africa.
(All our prayers and thoughts are with the whole America, especially with
all the people who lost loved ones.)

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3) Walk thru Bethlehem village?

Has anyone ever done a walk thru Bethlehem village at Christmas time? I
am wanting to do one for this year and would appreciate any ideas you may
have. Start with a village, ending at the nativity. Thank you.

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4) Christian youth song?

I am looking for a particular Christian youth song. The song sings of
"climbing up the ladder", "I'm going home" "Angels are holding up the
ladder..." I am not sure of all the lyrics. I just know it is not the song
Jacob's Ladder unless there is another version to the song I don't know
about. Do you know of the song I am looking for?

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5) 4 Year Old Music/Fun Class?

I am looking for some simple songs for a class of 4 year olds. I work
with them for 45 minutes and need some ideas to put crafts, games, songs
together that is fun but yet teaches them music and the Love that Jesus
has for them. Any ideas?
Thanks.........Barb Sperry

--from SSTN: I have JUST the thing! It's called 'Pray & Play Bible' and
has crafts, songs, activities, and prayers for children ages 2-5 years.
Check out:


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6) Christmas plays

In response to some ideas for a Christmas program for smaller churches,
our church has done a few different things. About a month in advance, go
to a farm (prearranged with a church member possibly) and with some very
basic costumes, a few animals and a camera with slide film, have the kids
pose for the different parts of the Christmas story. This will relieve the
pressure on the Sunday you present, as the work is already done. Have a
child read narrate the Christmas story as you show the slides on a
projector. You are able to use as many or as few children you have
available, no lines to memorize or worry who or will not show up on
Sunday. The kids and parents alike LOVE seeing their children in costume
and involved. Another idea we have used is again 4-5 weeks in advance have
the children draw and color and sign their name of a scene of the
Christmas story and then color photocopy this onto Mylar (transparency)
and again on presentation Sunday, have a child narrate the Christmas story
as the pictures are shown on the overhead projector. Again the parents and
children LOVE this. One more idea I have, but that we have not yet done is
to get 4-5 sheets of 4x8 plywood and draw and paint the scenes of the
Christmas story. Cut out ovals for the faces of the characters, similar to
"tourist photo opportunities" where someone puts their head into an oval
and the body is painted on the board, ex. body builder etc. This instead
would involve for example the first scene could be Mary being spoken to by
the angel so their would be two face cutouts with bodies and the rest of
the scene on the first 4x8. They would need to be stabilized and would
need adults to change scenes as someone was narrating the story. Again,
there would be no lines to memorize and you could use a child more than
once if you needed to. This would involve more preparation, but is
something that could be saved and used periodically over the years. Sorry
for being so long winded, but hope this helps. Feel free to email me if
you need clarification or have questions. tana@dccnet.com Thanks, Tana

--from SSTN: check out the Skits section in the site too!!

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7) Stories for puppets?

Hi Miss Sarah. I am looking for 2-3 years olds Bible stories done in
script for puppets. I have a book on seasonal puppet scripts, but want to do
stories with the puppets. I just went from 4 year olds that I have brought
up from their 2 years of age and now I am completely lost trying to keep
their attention. When you have seven and one helper, just taking them to
the restroom will keep you busy. All children love puppets. Hope you have
something. Thank you. Keep up the good work. Bettybee1

--from SSTN: check out the Bookstore Games & Skits section.
and check out the Pray & Play Bible too!

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Precepts for Children's Ministry

Kay Arthur's children's ministry books are now available in the Christian
Education section of the Bookstore at: http://christiancrafters.com 
Buy two or more books and shipping is FREE!

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8) Pledge to the Christian Flag

"I pledge allegiance to the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the
faith, for which it stands, One Savior, Eternal, with mercy and grace for
all. So help me God."

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9) Peter visits Cornelius's house?

I am getting ready to do a lesson on when Peter visits
Cornelius's house. I was wondering if anyone had anything I could use.
I teach grades 1 thru 3.

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10) Christmas program for a small Church

We also have a small church. What I am planning on using this year is the
CHRISMON-KIDS TM book. I will have some of the kids read the scripture
will others hang on a tree or display the ornaments. Hope this helps. God
bless. Jane

--from SSTN: Wow! Thanks, Jane. I'm blessed by that! If anyone else is
interested, click on Chrismon-Kids from the main page at:


your webservant, sarah <><

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11) Material in other languages

Recently two SSTN subscribers suggested coloring pages at
www.christiananswers.net. When I looked at this website, I noticed that
this entire website can be viewed in at least 8 different languages
including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portugese, Chinese, Japanese,
and Korean. There is a lot of good material for kids in the kids section
beyond just coloring pages, including lesson plans, and suggestions for
VBS. Awhile back, someone else was searching for VBS material in French.
Sally in Wichita

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12) Foreign Language Resources

Another website with many, many resources is the World Christian Resource
Directory at www.missionresources.com. There are scores of English links
listed, but there are also many links shown for various foreign languages.
For example, on the Home Page, I scrolled down to French Outreach
Resources and there were almost 40 different resources/links listed just
in that category alone. Sally in Wichita

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