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SSTN - Number 239
October 29, 2001

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1) Pledge to the Christian Flag
2) Fall Festival
3) Ways to Encourage
4) Theme for Christmas Float
5) Bethlehem village: Journey to Bethlehem
6) 12 sons of Jacob or 12 tribes of Israel Song?
7) Thanksgiving Skit?
8) Kit Macleod: Children's Church?
9) Pastor vs. teacher
10) Survivor theme
11) Children's ministry course
12) Angel Costumes?

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1) Pledge to the Christian Flag

Our version of the Pledge to the Christian Flag is as follows:
I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag,
And to the savior for whose kingdom it stands;
One brotherhood united all mankind;
In service and in love.

--from SSTN:
I think every version of this pledge is now available in the
Archives List. :o)) - I love it! sarah <><

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2) Fall Festival

In the past, we have called our festival "Harvest Fest." Our Pastor has
always asked that the children do not wear scary costumes (i.e.,
monsters, dead people, etc.) Two additional games that we loved were
"Musical chairs" (play gospel music) and bean toss. At my particular
booth, I downloaded veggie tale characters from their web site and had
the children attempt to pin the nose on Bob the tomato. Hope these ideas
help you along.

Ahreita Griffin
Charlotte, NC

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The UN - Halloween Book

A complete guide to planning a Fall Festival
for your Children's Ministry program! Check it out!


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3) Ways to Encourage

To Betty Crane, I agree, there is a better way besides candy. If time
permits, create a
poster (similar to a VBS Attendance Chart). Leave the dates blank.
Children can receive recognition for memorizing bible verses or good
behavior by receiving a star or other sticker to place beside their name
on the poster. I created a treasurer chest and filled it with different
award items I purchased from a dollar store. So you may want to purchase
age appropriate gift items. Secondly, if a child is wearing a ring,
bracelet, sticker from your treasurer chest, it is an opportunity for
them to tell someone how they received the item and repeat the scripture.
Be Encouraged!

Ahreita Griffin
Charlotte, North Carolina

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4) Theme for Christmas Float

To Denise, I am sure you will get lots of suggestions on this one, but my
favorite is "Jesus Is the Reason."
Ahreita Griffin
Charlotte, NC

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5) Bethlehem village: Journey to Bethlehem

A number of churches in our area (Libertyville, IL) used to present quite
elaborate walk-through one or two weeks before Christmas. Proceeds from
the event went to our local Habitat for Humanity chapter. The inside of
the church served as the staging area, where different musical groups
provided entertainment while groups waited for their turn to "Journey to
Bethlehem." We left in groups of 10-15. We were all given paper stated
our lineage (e.g., Rachel, daughter of Laban), which we need to present to
the Roman centurions before we could enter the city. There were about 7
stations. We met Mary and Joseph en route to Bethlehem; the shepherds
keeping watch in the field, accompanied by a visit from the heavenly host;
a visit to the temple, where we were told of the prophecies of the birth
of the Messiah from the old testament; a visit to the marketplace in
Bethlehem--very elaborate, with about seven different tents selling
jewelry, baskets, bread, etc. for the travelers; a visit to the tax
collector before we could enter--here we were asked who we were and shaken
down (gently) for taxes; a visit to the Inn and the manager to see the
baby Jesus-- real baby with his parents from one of the
participating congregations; and finally, a visit to the camp of the Magi
(complete with camels!) inquiring of us where they could find him born
King of the Jews. Afterwards, refreshments were available in the church
to help warm us up after our journey.

This was a fabulous and very elaborate presentation! It was especially
impressive because of its scope, realism and the fact that it was done
outside in Illinois in December! Due to construction at the past host
church, the event has either not been held the last couple of years, or
was moved to a location unknown to me.

Hope this helps! God Bless!
Brian Dayton
Libertyville, IL

--from SSTN: Brian, it sounds wonderful! For those that missed it, a
similar idea with a script is available in the site. Check out the
'Bethlehem Walk' in the Skits section at:


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6) 12 sons of Jacob or 12 tribes of Israel Song?

I am looking for a song to help teach the 12 sons of Jacob or the 12
tribes of Israel. Thanks for your help.
Kim Richter

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7) Thanksgiving Skit?

Hi everyone! I am 17 years old, and I just recently took over the position
of Sunday School teacher at my church. I go to a very small church, and
everyone from the age of about 8 and down goes into one class - mine. I'm
finding it hard to give lessons for 3 - 5 kids, some of which can read,
and some can't. I don't want lessons that will bore older children, or
ones that will completely confuse the younger ones. Also, I was thinking
about doing some sort of simple play that we could act out for our church,
perhaps for Thanksgiving. Does anyone have any ideas for me?

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8) Kit Macleod: Children in Church?

I'm responding to Kit Macleod regarding the Children Church. I would like
to know more of what your church had done to encourage the children for
worship. Maybe you could provide me with some articles that your church
printed out in the magazine, newsletter, bulletins. The young children at
our church follow their parents for worship but there are no special
programmes for them. So, usually they would just run
around and disturbing all the adults. Pls help.

--from SSTN: Kit is the CE director at my church and there is no
one finer to do this job! - sarah ;o)

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9) Pastor vs. teacher

I just wanted to bring up one point. The biblical definition of "Pastor"
is "Elder" or "Shepherd". The qualifications for this "Pastor, Elder,
Shepherd, Bishop, etc." are found in I Timothy 5:17-25 and in Titus 1:5-9.
These qualifications include being a married man with children along with
other qualifications. We also find in various places in Acts that elders
are appointed by the congregation when they have met the above
qualifications. The elders role is seen in such examples as Acts 15:6
when the elders of the church of Jerusalem look into the matter of Paul &
Barnabas teaching about circumcision.
So, I must say it is wrong to call yourself a "Pastor" or "elder" unless
you have obtained the above qualifications. Ministers or Evangelists are
not "Pastors" by definition unless they have met the above qualifications
and been appointed by their congregation as such. The book of Acts
provides the history of the early church and the example that we should
P.S.- In Ephesians 4:11 Paul does say that some are given as "Pastors" and
he is speaking of "Elders" here as described (by Paul) in Timothy and
Titus and examples of in Acts. Thank you.

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10) Survivor theme

I know of a youth group that spent the night outside as "homeless" people.
They used large appliance boxes as shelter and fasted during the activity.
In the morning they were treated to a big breakfast by the adults. You
could do games/activities or help at a homeless shelter to go along with

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11) Children's ministry course

>>I'm searching for any university/seminary/college that
>>are offering full time course specializing in children ministry.

Bethel College has a course in Children's Ministry that can mostly be
taken by correspondence. I think you need to travel there for a couple
of weeks in the summer or something like that. Check it out.

Marcia Hill
Nursery/Preschool Program Director
Hill Country Bible Church

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12) Angel Costumes?

Does anyone have any great ideas for creative low cost angel costumes
for a 100 + children's choir. Thanks! JM

--from SSTN: JM, check the Archives List. Type "angel costumes"
into the search box. http://christiancrafters.com/archives.html 
your webservant, sarah keith <><

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