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SSTN  # 24 - March 13, 2002

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1) A word of encouragement   
-> VBS Crafts: Jesus Lights Me Up!
2) Zacchaeus Craft Idea
3) Teacher longevity?   
-> FaithShapes!
4) Easter Plays/Skits?
5) Easter Presentation Idea?
6) 50's song - "Believer"
7) Recruiting helpers   
8) Help with Preschoolers   
9) Basket Ideas?
10) Puppet Resources   
11) Missions in Morocco?
12) Inexpensive Rewards/Awards   

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1) A word of encouragement   

Just a word of encouragement for all you teachers who think you are not
getting through. I was teaching a group of 3-7 yr olds on Joseph. I have a
couple of kids whose parents are divorced and try to plan the big things
for the weeks that all the kid can be there. This week was an off week. So
I started with the basics, the brothers, the coat of many colors etc. And
I promised the kids that the next week we would make a coat of many
colors. Well I missed our Sunday night service, but returned the next
Sunday morning and heard people talking. Was I surprised to find out  that
one of my students didn't wait to make his coat. He and his older brother,
who is 8, decided to make their own. They went in their room, shut the
door, got their best Sunday white shirts down and found the markers. And
you can guess what happened. After they had finished they came into the
room where their mother was watching TV and walked around as if nothing
was wrong. After the shock  of first seeing them she asked what they had
did this for? He replied that he wanted a coat of many colors like Joseph
that he learned about in Sunday School. This mother is a regular member
and as made as she was about the shirts her heart melted and she could not
punish them after that.
So if you are feeling like you are not getting through, which that day
that is what I was feeling, keep praying, talking and teaching, because
more than likely it is getting through.

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Jesus Lights Me Up! TM

5 reproducible patterns to cover and decorate single light switch cover
plates. Patterns include: a lion, a lamb, a ladybug, a butterfly, and a
whale. Each pattern comes with accompanying Scripture and object lessons.
A great project to accompany your VBS program!

In the Curriculum section: 

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2) Zacchaeus Craft Idea

Ellen, I just did a lesson on Zacchaeus with a group of kids aged 4 to 10,
and we had a lot of fun with it.  I printed out coloring page I found at
geocities.com/Heartland/meadows/4571/cbible.html for the kids to color,
and we played pin Zacchaeus to the tree, which was a large success.  I
found the idea at Danielle's Place on the internet.  I don't remember
which website I found the colored picture of Zacchaeus at (I could find it
again if you let me know you want it) and cut it out, then drew a large
tree trunk from a large brown grocery bag and the green part of a tree
from a sheet of green craft paper--I bought 2 feet for about 50 cents at a
craft store.  The kids really liked it, and we left the tree on the wall
and are adding a garden around it for our Palm Sunday lesson which will
include a prayer in the Garden of Gethseteme (pardon my spelling this
early in the morning).  Danielle's place also had a great "Can you find
Zaccheus" page that my younger student enjoyed.   My lesson in the Sunday
School Specials published by Group had a great game where one child was a
tax collector and "taxed" everyone's jelly beans.

Have fun with it.  The kids really relate to this one!
Mary Rohlman

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3) Teacher longevity?   

Does anyone have any views on how long a Sunday School teacher should stay
with a class?  We have a couple who want to start teaching
Middle-Schoolers and stay with the class until they graduate from high
school.  Comments?  Ideas? Suggestions?

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Stuff your Easter baskets with FaithShapes!    "The Card Game of
Christian Symbols" A fun game for kids and adults, readers or nonreaders.
The 64 cards are beautifully illustrated with historical explanations and
Scripture verses. Use them for family game night, during Sunday School, or
for personal enrichment. Shape your faith with FaithShapes .

In the Curriculum section: 

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4) Easter Plays/Skits?

Hi Sarah,
I am looking for old Easter plays and skits.  The old ones are very hard
to find (with the true meaning of Easter).  If anyone knows where I can
find them, or have any that they don't need any more, please let me know.
Thanks, Rose M Haggerty

--from SSTN: hi Rose, make sure you check the Skits section of the site:
ysic, sarah

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W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin!  Now kids can
make Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! A fun and innovative way
for kids to learn to share their faith with their friends!  Includes 4
Gospel Catcher patterns to make: the Colors of Christ (Gospel Colors), the
Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Promises of God. Follow this
link to learn more:


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5) Easter Presentation Idea?   

Praise the Lord Sarah & Fellow Teachers:
I am at a stand still for ideas for our Easter Sunday.  I am a Junior
Sunday school teacher, and I teach ages 9-12.  In the past, I have done
beautiful craft projects for Easter (i.e. building the Tabernacle), and I
am kind of tired of the same things.  I've done skits, plays, poems,
essays, essays with art, just to name a few.  Do anyone out there have
some suggestions on something different?  I need something by this
Sunday, since Easter is the end of March this year.  Please help if you

Denver, CO
Junior Teacher

--from SSTN: make sure you check the Crafts, Skits, and Sermons sections
of the site. You might even want to check out the Games section as well.

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Remember those cartoon flip cards that you roll between your hands to make
them animate? With Praise-Amations, children will be excited to see their
praise cartoon mini-movies come to life as they roll them between their
hands. 27 Reproducible patterns to make and do with your entire class!

In the Curriculum section: 

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6) 50's song - "Believer"

One lady wrote about a 50's themed SS curriculum her church used. I wrote
new lyrics to the song "Believer" (the one that's in the Shrek movie) I
hope they will be a blessing to someone:

I thought God was only real in fairy tales
Just another story someone wrote
then I heard about His love
knew what I had to do
I said, "Lord, I want to know You..."

then I saw His Grace
now I'm a believer
not a trace of doubt in my mind
I'm in love
He's my Savior, I live to please Him with my life

I thought that in life I was all on my own
looked out for myself but no one else
I know He's there to help me
Just gotta trust in Him
Give Him my all, my everything, my dreams

Yes I saw His Grace
Now I'm a believer
there's not a traa-a-ace
of doubt in my mind
Well, I'm a believer
I'm a believer!

-Nora (3-K), OH

--from SSTN: Dear Nora: thank you! this is great!
ysic, sarah keith<><

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7) Recruiting helpers   

One idea that I have used for the last few years is the children that have
just "graduated" from Children's Church into Youth, I ask if  they would
like to be helpers in the CC for the next year.  They can help prepare
lessons, (and even occasionally present them), be aides in the class,
especially helping the youngests with crafts, and even get to have the
snacks!  For the most part, they want to help and it also helps them with
the transition between classes, (CC to Youth).  It works for our church as
we alternate weeks, one week is CC and the next is Youth.  Toye Malm
Lethbridge, AB Canada

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8) Help with Preschoolers

This is definitely a group where four hands and feet, two heads and hearts
are needed. As SCS Co-ordinator I made a schedule and sent it home in
August with a letter. Short version:  "The class of our littlest ones
needs to have two people every Sunday. We know you love to see and work
with your child in group settings. So, each week one parent will get that
chance."  That parent brings a snack, and is the helper. The schedule is
also posted in the hallway.

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9) Basket Ideas?

i have many of the little green baskets you get when you purchase
strawberries. i need  craft ideas for them other than easter baskets. can
anyone help. thanks sandy bay minette, alabama

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10) Puppet Resources

Free Puppet Scripts and Resources: Search for Scripts
Above is the link to a puppet search site that I know I recently
saw stinky sneakers on.
God Bless

--from SSTN: you can find the actual url from the links page:

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Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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11) Missions in Morocco?

I want to make our SS children more aware about the Riffi children in
Morocco. Any ideas what I can do to create more awareness? I thought about
a meal and dressing, etc. but no idea where to look. Any suggestions

Theresa from South Africa

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12) Inexpensive Rewards/Awards   

Being a small church with limited resources, we have found a few ideas
that our children respond well to. First, ask members to contribute. Those
of us with children all know how quickly those happy meal toys accumulate
and are glad to rid ourselves of them. We keep a donation box for these
near our Sunday School classrooms. And when we need rewards, this is where
our teachers head. Also, we have set up a point system of rewards. When a
class reaches a set numbers of points--- say for bringing their Bibles to
class, bringing a friend, memorizing scripture---they get their reward.
And the class gets to pick the reward. They have had an overnight lock-in
at the church, they have met for a skating party ( paid for by their
parents- we just got the group discount), had a breakfast one morning.  We
use this for our older kids who are past the toy stage. Be creative--not
all rewards have to be things--some are just activities. And don't confine
it to Sunday School---be sure to acknowledge their achievements to the
whole church. The parents love this too.
Hope this helps.

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