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SSTN # 30 - April 7, 2004

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Resurrection Egg Holders ... EASY DOWNLOAD!

1) Aggressive Helper
2) Edible Ink and Paper
3) 40 Days of Purpose for kids
4) VBS Road Rally?

Fruit of the Spirit Spinner ... NEW ... EASY DOWNLOAD!

5) Believing The Unbelievable
6) Campbell Soup Banks
7) Scenes from Passion
8) Scenes from Passion

Amazing Miracles of the Bible ... Hands-On Series

9) Passion movie
10) Small Attendance / Short on Finances
11) Easter "Treat" Poem
12) Resurrection Rolls

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Resurrection Egg Holders ... NEW!

Use the twelve Resurrection Egg Holders to tell the Easter story. Each egg
picture is numbered to correspond with its explanation. For a onetime
download fee of $5.00 your class can color and cut their own set!

Get the f-r-e-e "Palm Branches" pattern with explanations at:


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1) Aggressive Helper

Maybe you could assign one part of the class -- games, crafts, etc. -- to
the helper and let her be "in charge" of that portion.  If you meet
together to plan the entire class and how to coordinate the parts, you
could both get feedback from the other as to what might work best, new
ideas, etc.  Maybe if she felt "in charge" of something, she wouldn't feel
she needed to try to change what you're doing.

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2) Edible Ink and Paper
Here's one more way to use the Resurrection Egg Holders:
Copy and paste the egg pictures to a Paint or graphics program then
print them onto edible paper and ink. Learn more on this page:

(You'll find it at the bottom of the page)

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3) 40 Days of Purpose for kids

In response to your questions about the 40 Days of Purpose for kids - Kids
Kount Publishing has some great resources for this. They make them
available for free. Just go to their web site and click on the 40 Days
section. There it will explain about their program and allow you to
download whatever you need. We are just completing it at our church and it
is wonderful! It uses a Small group - Large group - Small group format.
The small groups begin with an introduction each week. Then they all
gather together for the large group presentation - which is a puppet show
which presents the topic. Then back to small groups for application. The
kids LOVE this! It is the most excited we have seen our kids (and staff)
in a long while.

Pat in Orlando

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4) VBS Road Rally?

Our church is doing a VBS this year similar to the
Standard Publishing curriculum In the Race with Jesus
Road Rally 2000. Anyone who used that curriculum, we
would sure appreciate ideas and suggestions. Thanks!
Jill Durham, VBS Director

--from SSTN: make sure you check the archives:

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Fruit of the Spirit Spinner ... NEW!

Children will learn the Fruit of the Spirit in a fun new way. Each
characteristic is illustrated with a whimsical cartoon fruit for kids to
color, cut, and spin. Download an unlimited supply of patterns for a
onetime fee of only $3.00.

Get a lesson and learn more here:

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5) Believing The Unbelievable

Hi! A friend of mine, Fred Teagle, has written a powerful commentary on
Luke 24:1-12, which he has entitled "Believing The Unbelievable." The
point Fred makes is that no one believes in Jesus without personally
meeting the resurrected Christ.

I highly recommend the commentary to you. It is available [for free ;-)
] in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format by clicking on the link:
"Believing The Unbelievable — Luke 24:1-12"
in the middle of the page at

God bless!


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6) Campbell Soup Banks

>"I would like to make some banks with Campbell soup cans for a
>fundraising project for >our church orphanage. I need to find the plastic
>slotted lids that will fit a soup can. >Anybody have any ideas?"
If you're making 10.5 ounce coin banks, try using the bottoms of styrofoam
cups.  Find cups who's base will fit inside the cans' rims, but not too
far down.  Cut a slot before inserting.  Firmly stick the cup inside, then
trim off the excess styrofoam.  The foam will mold snuggly into the cut
edge of the can, and won't pop out like paper cups will.
If you're making label banks for collecting labels and exchanging them
for orphanage school supplies, I haven't been able to find lids that fit
the existing cans neither.  Nor have I found anyone on the Coordinators
message board who has.  I had good results with decorating other cans
(small coffee cans about the size of large soup cans are a nice size).   I
decorated them with either color copies of the trimmed labels, or
old Cordinator Packet posters and manuals.  I left a typed message area,
and covered the whole "new label" with clear plastic from a trimmed sheet
protector to keep it clean.
~~Vicki Logan yogieg@home.ffni.com

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7) Scenes from Passion

>After seeing "The Passion", I'm curious if anyone
>knows the meaning behind these two parts of the movie

Anyone curious about these scenes can read Mel Gibson's own explanation of
them at this site:


Scroll down to the item: "What's up with the ugly baby?"

Pat Pollard
Perth, Western Australia.

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8) Scenes from Passion

On the site of Christianity Today, there is a whole section devoted to
"The Passion of the Christ" movie. In response to your question about the
devil with the baby, I found the following quotes from Mel Gibson: The
scene occurs during the flogging of Christ. Satan is passing through a
crowd of onlookers...
To see the article in it's entirety, you can go to
To see the whole section on the Passion, go to
Debby Coombs

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Amazing Miracles of the Bible

God’s glory and love are revealed through the miracles he performed and
were fully realized when he came to earth in the form of a man to save
mankind. By studying the miracles of the Bible children will gain a better
understanding of God’s love and faithfulness and how he continues to be
loving and faithful in miraculous ways to his people today. Great for
rotation-type programs!

In the Curriculum Creatives section:

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9) Passion movie

In regards to the 2 following questions regarding the Passion; Satan with
the baby represents the following, The baby is sin, where sin at first is
cute or inviting or fun and then when you realize it is a sin it is ugly
and mean. Babies are cute and then that particular one turns and it is

Debi in Illinois

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10) Small Attendance / Short on Finances

A while back I placed my site address for Small Attendance and Short on
Finances programs here on Christian Crafters.  I have had several people
attempt to go into the site and were unsuccessful (possibly a different
writing format-I used MSWorks). They e-mailed me and I explained they may
have to type the address directly into their address space.  This has
helped.  I am thankful to God he has blessed those of you who have used
the programs.... the site can be found at
http://home.earthlink.net/~eugenendianne/ (watch for that extra "n"
between our names) If this does not work please e-mail me with your
address....I will be happy to try and mail a paper copy to you if you send
a self addressed and stamped envelope.    eugenendianne@earthlink.net.  
Sincerely and God bless you Sarah for this site,   Dianne

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11) Easter "Treat" Poem

Instead of giving plastic Easter eggs with candy inside, I give an egg
with a piece of paper that reads:
This Easter egg is empty,
Just like Jesus' tomb.
He's now in heaven above
Preparing for me my room!
Not only do children appreciate the gift, but children of all ages like
the message.
Nila LaRea Denton
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12) Resurrection Rolls

My kids really enjoy making these.
Supplies:  large marshmallows, melted butter, sugar-cinnamon, crescent
Luke 20:1-18
Separate rolls into triangles.  These rolls will represent the
linen clothes that Jesus was wrapped in.  The marshmallow will
represnt body of Jesus.  Dip the marshmallow in the butter.
This represents the oil used when anointing the body of
Jesus.  Then roll the marshmallow in the sugar-cinnamon, which
represents the spices used in burials.  Place marshmallow in the
center of the triangle of dough.  Then fold edges over marshmallow
and pinch edges tightly to seal.  Place each roll in a greased
muffin cup seam side down.  Bake at 350 for 12-14 minutes.
The oven represents the tomb.  When you remove the rolls from the oven,
the  marshmallow representing Jesus will be gone and only the
wrapping will remain.

--from SSTN: you can find this recipe along with others in the
Crafts: Yummy Devotions section at:

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