Fruit of the Spirit Activities


hen you belong to Jesus, his Spirit lives in you. God gives you the power and ability to display his character traits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. 

The Fruit of the Spirit Bible curriculum teaches kids how they can have God's Spirit growing in them and through them.


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on the Fruit of the Spirit

For Kindergarten - 5th grade. Through the use of innovative Bible lessons, skits, crafts and Bible games, children will have fun learning what it means to have Jesus growing in them and through them!




The Fruit of the Spirit Spinner was created with the idea in mind that the nine parts of the Fruit of the Spirit make up one whole. So even though there are nine different fruits, they are all presented on one spinner toy. This is to help children identify the different characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit and help them to memorize them.

The spinner is included when you purchase the Fruit of the Spirit, 18 week Bible curriculum.


The following links will take you to more samples from the book, "The Fruit of the Spirit - Jesus Growing In You And Through You":

Yummy Devotions
F.O.T.S. Pizza

Fruit Bowl
Fruit of the Spirit Necklace


Fruit of the Spirit Hidden Word Puzzle
Please Pass The Fruit



F.O.T.S. Name Tag Button
Permission is granted to print and wear. 
Do not change or alter the picture or text.
See directions below.

Right click over picture, select copy, then paste to a graphics program to print it out onto white cardstock paper. Cut it out. Glue button pin to back. Write name on top. 


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