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SSTN  # 31 - March 29, 2002

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1) Basket Ideas
-> Jesus Lights Me Up! TM
2) Strawberry Baskets   
3) Strawberries baskets
4) Easter Family Breakfast
-> W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers
5) Foam Meat Tray Craft
6) Foam Meat Tray Craft   
7) Meat Tray craft
8) Baptism Song
9) Meat Trays
10) Teacher longevity
11) Using Disney Characters
12) Missions - Riffi Children

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1) Basket Ideas

i have many of the little green baskets you get when
you purchase strawberries. i need  craft ideas for them

You could make gift baskets for people in your church.
The kids could make them for parents, relatives,
etc.One of my old ss books had this idea in them. They
suggested that you run ribbon through the spaces on
the top. You can fill them with a note, cookies that
you premade and the kids decorated, candy, etc. Hope
this helps.

1st UPC
Trinidad, CO
Ages 3-9

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Jesus Lights Me Up!

5 reproducible patterns to cover and decorate single light switch cover
plates. Patterns include: a lion, a lamb, a ladybug, a butterfly, and a whale.
Each pattern comes with accompanying Scripture and object lessons.  A
great project to accompany your VBS program!

In the Curriculum section: 

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2) Strawberry Baskets   

You can use the green plastic berry baskets to make a cute Mother's Day
gift. Purchase some pansies or marigolds from a garden or discount store.  You
can get these really cheap if you look around.  Usually they come in 6-packs.
Cut the 6-packs apart into individual flowers.  Have each child place
his/her flower in the green berry basket.  Use Spanish moss or excelsior or
colored tissue paper or shredded paper to fill in the rest of the basket.   Then
they just add a chenille pipe cleaner for a handle. 
Sally Nixon

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3) Strawberries baskets   

>i have many of the little green baskets you get when you purchase
>strawberries. i need  craft ideas for them other than easter baskets.

A good way to recycle them is to make your own strawberries from nuts to
have strawberries all year round.  I painted walnuts red and used felt to
make the leaves, used black markers to make the black spots on them. Fill
the baskets with easter grass and thread a  pretty ribbon threw the baket
and a bow.  Goes great for the merry berry month of May.  Easy and kids of
all ages loved making them.
Hope this helps.

Kellie Cunningham

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4) Easter Family Breakfast

Dear Denver CO, Junior Teacher,

This Easter, we are holding an Easter Family Breakfast.  This will be a sit down hot breakfast, catered for by one of the ladies in our church, and helped by a team of servers who are former graduates of grade 6 (where our S School ends).  it will include all classes from our grades 2 - 6.  A cost will be charged for the breakfast.

This breakfast will be followed by a group session in which parents & children work together on a simple task to find one piece of evidence each that feeds into the presentation to follow.

The presentation features an interactive telling of the Resurrection story with Inspector Clueless of the Jerusalem police.  The aim is to present the evidence for the Resurrection in a respectful yet enjoyable way: as the Gospel of John says: that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ...As a response we will sing 'I Believe'.

'I Believe' is a Nan Gurley song which is based on the ideas in the Apostles' Creed.  We sing it faster than the tape.

Following this song, family groups will work on a short activity that uses each letter of the word
'R E S U RR E C T I O N' listed vertically down a large sheet of paper.  Parents and children have to remember words used in the story that describe the Resurrection event, eg 'E' eyes'  because they
saw him with their own eyes.  These sheets are then displayed to each other at the end of a given period.

I could send you a copy of our story script if you are interested.  It takes only two people:  Inspector Clueless (in our case a retired Commissioner of Police!) and the Storyteller.  

We have also done presentations of a Passover meal majoring on Luke's version of the Last Supper, as this is a wonderful way of teaching the meaning of the communion service as well as what Jesus did for us at Easter. Above all, we do not have to use a continual stream of novel ideas.  We can
repeat effective ideas in a slightly different way, especially as children move on.  As we depend on the Holy Spirit to work in their hearts, He will make the old, old, story ever new.

Every blessing,

Cheril Seidel
Melbourne, Australia
Grade 5-6 teacher & Coordinator

This skit is available in the SKITS section of the site.

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W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin!  Now kids can
make Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! A fun and innovative way
for kids to learn to share their faith with their friends!  Includes 4
Gospel Catcher patterns to make: the Colors of Christ (Gospel Colors), the
Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Promises of God. Follow this
link to learn more:


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5)  Foam Meat Tray Craft   

With regard to foam meat trays, I have used them for pictures.  Take a
piece of blue construction paper, cut to fit inside the tray.  Draw the
simple outline of a sheep to let the kids create a picture of the "Lamb of
God".  Using marshmallows as their paintbrushes, they dip them into either
white tempura paint or white frosting that has been thinned with milk. Dip
the marshmallows in, dab them within the lamb outline and twist to make
little circles (like curly lamb hair).  Add a jiggle eye and black ears
and feet cut from fun foam.  Kids loved them.  If you want to, you can add
a second meat tray with a typed story or verse regarding the Lamb of God
glued inside.  Then secure it to the first meat tray with pipe cleaners
that connect through holes punched with a paper punch and you have a fun
wall hanging.  Leave 1-2 inches between the meat trays.  Use the same
method to make a "hanger" for the top, either in yarn or pipe cleaner.
Enjoy and God bless your little ones.

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6)  Foam Meat Tray Craft   

Hi, My name is Donna and in ref: to someone that is in need of a simple
craft for the meat tray, I thought they may be interested in this.
How about putting very light blue felt in  the tray for the water. Then
using sponge foam and cutting out some sea animals such as fish, plants, etc;
and gluing them on to the felt. You could even use some shells! Take some
roping and put it in the back to either hang it up or some roping around it as a
frame!! Just a thought. Hope it was of some help!
God Bless!

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7) Meat Tray craft

I have done the following craft with meat trays in the past - this year I
am doing it with round foam plates for a change --- it should work this
way as well.

There are many scriptures with "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord" I will
make a label on the computer with a graphic with notes etc. The children
can put that anywhere on the plate or tray that they want.

Before class I notch - the foam - 4 or 5 small dents or pressed notches
(don't cut - it weakens the plate)  on each side - directly across from
one another. Have the children stretch rubber bands across the plate or
tray - forming strings for their lyre - just like the shepherd boy David!
Different lengths of rubber bands may work to give a different sound - I
don't really worry about that - they sound good anyway as the children
sing a favorite song.

We are doing this very craft 3/17 - highlighting this month's Godly
characteristic of Joyfullness. I hope to send some photos along to you
Sarah - you have asked for them in the past - you may use them if you

Joyfully Serving HIM,

--from SSTN: i look forward to seeing them and putting them into the site.
ysic, sarah. <><

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8) Baptism Song   

We just sang the song "I was there to hear your borning cry" at church
last week. It was so beautiful, I have been looking all week on the net
for a place to download it from. I keep forgetting the tune (obviously not
very musical, am I! LOL) Anyway it would be an absolutely perfect song for
a baptism!

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9) Meat Trays

Take a dull pencil or some similar pointed instrument to draw a picture
on the foam tray. It works best if you cut away the sides of the tray
first so it's flat. Once the design is complete dip the side with the
drawing into paint and transfer to a piece of paper. I've used this idea
preschool through grade 2 to the delight of students. I think older
students will enjoy it as well though. Dianne/Kansas City

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10)  Teacher longevity

>Does anyone have any views on how long a Sunday School teacher should
> stay with a class?

Do they want to do this because this is the age their own kids are at?  I
would say, if you can keep a teacher that long without burnout, go for it.
However, it might be more encouraging for others to start teaching if
there weren't such a long term commitment portrayed...new teachers might shy
away thinking that they had to take on a similar commitment.  If they enjoy
middle schoolers, go for that group for now, get others involved in the
other age groups, and then do a 'switch-off' once every 6months, year,
etc. That way if everyone is changing the class they teach, it won't seem so
unusual that the one couple keeps getting older classes.

Just some thoughts from my running mind,  in His grace & service,
Kristine Bell

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11) Using Disney Characters   

While I agree that there are many "other" mediums to use rather than
Disney when teaching Bible lessons, please consider this.  There are many
"biblical" lessons to be learned in Lion King and if taught to the kids,
they will form a lasting image in their little minds.  An image that they
will possibly think about every time they watch that video, which as
parents we know will be many, many times.  Even for youth, this study is

Lion King has many situations that pretty much come from scripture.  For

1.  Matthew 2:2, 11 - Wise men bow in homage to the presence of the young
Jesus.  (The animals of the jungle gather to bow in tribute at Simba's

2.  Luke 2:22, 28-32 - Jesus is presented in the temple.  (The young lion
is lifted up to the heavens.)

3.  Matthew 3:1-4 - A description of John the Baptist, a holy man in the
wilderness, proclaiming a call to repent and to accept responsibility.
(Rafiki is the religious figure in this piece, living in the wilderness
and calling Simba to repent and accept responsibility.

4.  Luke 15:1-20 - The Parable of the Prodigal Son.  (After a selfish
period, Simba "comes to his senses" and decides to return home.

5.  Isaiah 43:1-3 - "I have called you by name; you are mine; I am with
you."  (Mufasa (in the stars) gives Simba these same assurances.)

These are just a few of the "Lasting Images", a handout that was given to
my daughter in Sunday School.  And she truly loved this lesson.  Yes, it
was stepping outside of the box but the lesson was a keeper.  The only
"text marking" on the handout is REEL to REAL.  I don't know what the
publication is but I am searching at this writing.

But my point is simply this - often we as teachers don't really like some
of the mediums available for use.  And we can choose not to use them.
But...if that is what it takes to reach a child that might not otherwise
be reached, so be it.  Same thing goes for my opinion of rap music -
personally, I don't like it.  I like rock and roll and contemporary
Christian music but I discovered that there were youth that were brought
to Jesus Christ through the Christian rap music.  How can that be bad?
And since these children will watch that Lion King video again and again,
if I have the opportunity to use that video as a biblical lesson, I'm
going to take it.  Aren't we trying to help our children find God, Christ,
the Bible and holy living in all they do and life everywhere anyway?

If you want more of the Lasting Images or when I locate the publication, I
will gladly share with you.  I'm hoping there are other innovative
lessons.  God bless you in your efforts.

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12) Missions - Riffi Children   

Hi Sarah,  in response to the person who is looking for some ideas to
kids about Riffi children:  Caleb Project has a curriculum called Kids
Around the World and one of them focuses on Riffi Kids.  It includes
information and ideas for teaching about the geography, flag, food,
language, clothing, homes, and how to pray for Riffi kids.  Check their
side at www.calebproject.org.  I've used their material for other
cultures/countries and my kids have enjoyed it.

Stacey Kay

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