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SSTN # 33 - April 19, 2004

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Fruit of the Spirit Spinner ... NEW!

1) End of the year party?
2) Teaching children to pray
3) 40 days of Purpose
4) Teaching children to pray

Springtime Fellowship Fun!

5) Code of Behavior
6) Gospel in Public Schools
7) Unruly Child from Russia
8) Golden Rule Skit?
9) Psalm 23 Lessons?

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Fruit of the Spirit Spinner ... NEW!

Children will learn the Fruit of the Spirit in a fun new way. Each
characteristic is illustrated with a whimsical cartoon fruit for kids to
color, cut, and spin. Download an unlimited supply of patterns for a
onetime fee of only $3.00.

Get a lesson and learn more at:

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1) End of the year party?

My daughter is in the 7th grade and wants to have an end of the year
party.  I am looking for outdoor games that is age appropiate for this age
group that will be fun/clean.  One idea I've come up with is fear factor
and have the kids to eat pickled ocra, baby food, etc.  Any ideas will be
greatly appreciated.  Tks Joyce

--from SSTN: you might want to try the "Survivor-Temptation Island" event
at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/sermons.html 

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2) Teaching children to pray

Cindy H - asked for ideas to teach children to pray.  Here is one idea
that the kids love.  I have taken a spinner from the twister game and created
new categories (Our country, our church, our community even a 'free' so
they can pray for whatever they want).  Each child gets a turn to spin and
whatever space they land on is what they pray for that day.

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3) 40 days of Purpose
Our Church just finished doing this program - We just went all out - We
combined our younger classes and did the breif puppet presetation and then
broke up into smaller groups and did the more in depth study at each age
groups level -
Our under 3 we just did craft snack and playtime - However our olders we
did the object lessons with them - it was great. We also encouraged our
kids to do there journal and those that returned it we presented them with
a Bible (age appropriate).  We had a blast!!!!
God Bless
Holly Maxwell

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4) Teaching children to pray

This message is in response to the person looking for ideas on teaching
children to pray. I teach Pre-K, and many of the children in my class have
never prayed before. Some of them have prayed at home with their parents,
or in Sunday School classes where the teachers have prayed, but they have
not been the ones doing the talking. One of the ways that I get them
interested in praying is by forming a circle where we all hold hands, we
go around the circle and everyone says thank you God for, and then names
one thing they are thankful for; *such as thank you God for my family,
thank you for my dog, etc...kids come up with so many things that they are
thankful for that adults sometimes don't think of or take for granted like
their pets, their beds, their pillows, etc. One of the other techniques
that I use is to give one girl and one boy each week a chance to say the
prayer at snack time. I ask if there are any volunteers at first and if no
hands go up than I pick two children. I sit next to the child if they
don't know how to pray, or are scared, and we usually start with something
simple like thank you God for my friends, thank you God for my family,
thank you God for our school, thank you God for our church, thank you God
for our snack, etc...and then we say and all the children say amen. 
Another technique that I have used in the past in the circle method is
instead of one thing that they are thankful for, is one thing they want to
pray to God about, sometimes a child has an owie on their finger, or a
brother or sister who is sick, sometimes another teacher or helper is out
sick, sometimes parents are fighting, pets got lost, etc. It really seems
to help the children to be able to ask for Gods help in these things, and
they learn that God wants us to cast our burdens on Him and not worry
about them.
Hope this helps!
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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Springtime Fellowship Fun!

Chalk-It-Up ... 22 Awesome Outdoor Games Kids Draw With Chalk...Fun and
wholesome activities for parties, icebreakers, and friendship building!
Encourages creativity in kids!  Use them at church, school, youth groups,
or for family-time fun! Comes with a F- R- E- E pack of marble sidewalk
chalk, a recipe to make your own chalk, and directions to make some unique
game accessories. Includes games for older and younger kids (K-5th grade)!
Get two sample games and learn more at:


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5) Code of Behavior

I apologise for not including my email address when previously I
mentioned the signed Behaviour Contract we use at our church, for my
class of 10-12 year olds. If you would like a copy, email me at:

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6) Gospel in Public Schools

Excuse my enthusiasm - but I just couldn't contain myself! About 10 weeks
ago - 5 people, from different areas in my county, met and prayed about
starting Good News Clubs (GNC) in our county's 21 elementary (K-5th grade)
schools. These are to be held after school is dismissed. 
The programming for the club is put together by Child Evangelism
Fellowship (CEF). This is a world wide ministry that has been around for
many years. I am sure you have heard of it.
Although much prayer was going forth daily for a GNC club in our rural
area, the 3rd planning meeting - looked like it wasn't going to be
possible to get a team of 10 adults together to enable us for a trial run
before the next school year started. In fact, I called the CEF
representative and explained since I could not get 10 people to commit to
come to this particular meeting - I felt God was saying wait.
My call was returned with a plea to come to the meeting anyway - They knew
that I would see that the Lord was hearing our prayers.
I did go to the meeting - and there were about 30 people ---- for another
area of the county's elementary school attending this meeting. Then - I
was introduced to 2 young women that had called the CEF office (just a few
days prior to this meeting) asking how they could be a part of the CEF
outreach to children. Neither lady knew the other - yet both were from the
same district - my little rural school system! There were now 5 people
from my area praying together for our elementary school. 3 meetings later
- the group had grown to 40 adults from several area Bible teaching
Our local small town elementary school (K-5th) opened it's doors to an
after school Bible Club with open arms!  Good News Club program will be
meeting Thursdays from 3:30 - 5 PM. for the remaining weeks of this school
season! And 4/15 was to be a kick-off party with the kids.
CEF leaders had told us the more adult volunteers there are - the more
kids God would send. Well, that word was correct. We had that kick-off
party today (4/15).
Kids had to pre-register so we had an idea of how to plan. The
registration forms started coming in this week and the numbers were
building each day.
Thursday morning we got the word that a total of 280
(K-5th) registration/permission slips were turned in! --- WOW - when God
saw we were ready - HE opened the floodgates! Kids were coming out of the
There are 2 schools in our district that make up the elementary K-5th and
from the 3-5 grades. Besides the 280 registration forms that were returned
by Wednesday, there were also an additional 15 children that were not
allowed to come to the first club meeting because their forms were turned
in after the cut-off day (set by the principal). That is 295 children with
parent's permission to hear about Jesus in a public school!!! It was
confirmed today, by the area CEF leader, that this was the largest
response for an Good News Club in the whole state of Indiana!!!
As the kids arrived, they received their nametags, served snacks and were
grouped by ages. Using a rotation system, the kids played games, sang
songs, participated in a "treasure hunt" and the program finalized with
the gospel being presented to the whole group, in the gym, all of the kids
sitting shoulder to shoulder in the floor. There was no chaos at any time.
The kids were amazingly well behaved and helpful. BUT ---- The greatest
part of this report to you is that 60+ kids responded to the salvation
We had 8 or 9 counselors to work with small groups (We needed more!). I
had 7 kids in my group. After going through scriptures and confirming that
they understood - all 7 prayed for salvation . 5 of those 7 said that they
did not attend church on a regular basis. The counselors met after the
club and everyone turned in their follow-up cards. There were 32 salvation
decisions confirmed!!!!!
We are praying now for these children to continue to learn much about
their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; and that their families accept their
decisions and encourage them.
We are told there are often parents that will not let children return
after they have made a profession of faith. We are praying that the
families are also drawn to Christ through the outreach of their children's
One little girl who told us last week that her mother would not let her
come because, "Mommy got mad and said she doesn't believe in Jesus." We
began to pray for her daily. Her permission slip was returned the school
the first day possible --- signed by Mommy!
The little girl was there this afternoon, just beaming. She was one of the
32 that accepted Christ. She was very intent and clear that she fully
understood her salvation. Please pray for her. She said she had no one
outside of school that she could tell about her decision - because she
would, "get in a lot of trouble". She cried so sweetly and said, "Mommy
just won't understand."
God was faithful to our prayers for this little one. HE brought her this
far and we know that God wants this family healed of whatever pain has
come their way to make them become so bitter. We are praying now to be a
part of HIS plan of healing and salvation for this specific family. I am
not sure of the little girl's name - but God knows who she is and SHE IS
If the Lord should prompt you - please pray for her and her family ------
the other 31 that accepted Christ - AND for the CEF - Good News Clubs to
continue with their success of reaching young children with the gospel.
The rest of our meetings will continue to present the gospel weekly
through Bible and missionary stories, teach scripture, review games, serve
snacks and help the children grow in the Lord. 

Each church that is participating will be utilizing this opportunity to
invite unchurched families to attend church services and to be part of
a Christian fellowship. The list of benefits to the kids, families,
community and  school just keeps growing. What a great plan CEF has worked
From the faithful prayers of a few - the desires of our heart lined up
with God's will, and a strong foundation began to grow. I really learned a
lot in seeing this powerful thing come about in such a short period of
time. God is so patient with me and SO ready to bless us.

I know this was long, Sarah, but you know me, I am not a woman of few
words --- when it comes to praising God and sharing the bounty of HIS
goodness with other Believers. I JUST HAD TO TELL YOU!!
Joyfully Serving HIM,

--from SSTN: well worth the space in SSTN...telling kids about Jesus is
what we're all about! ysic, sarah <><

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7) Unruly Child from Russia

> been adopted from a Russian orphanage by a family in our church. I don't
> know of any specific special needs this child has, but just from my
> experience with him, I know that he doesn't respond to the average
> techniques to get a child's attention, or to get them to settle down for

Dear Robin,
I'm a missionary in St. Petersburg Russia that works with kids in
orphanages here. First I want to say that this little boy is not unruly,
let me give you an idea of what the orphanages are like here. The children
live in one room with several other children their age, they  have very
few toys to play with and only a few changes of clothes, and they shower
once a week. They have care givers that are supposed to watch over them
however the mentality of the people here in Russia is only for themselves.
I have only met a few workers that actually care for the children and
enjoy what they do. Their pay is very low and the hours are very long and
tiresome.  In the orphanages here the children are not taught manners,
respect, caring for their things or other people ect... basically what a
parent would teach their child or what they would learn in a family is not
taught in the orphanage. Again there are several children to one caregiver
and they get their money weather they do their job or not.  For this
little boy that you have; to get him to sit down, follow the rules, listen
to stories, color, or participate in group activates is something
completely new for him.  He most likely wasn't taught what you are wanting
him to do its all new for him. He has to be taught from the very
beginning, its going to take some work, time, energy and love to
show him and teach him how to participate with the class. My guess is, his
parents are working with the issues as well. Talk to his parents they know
him better and what he will respond to, and perhaps have and extra helper
to help out with him so its not draining your energy as the teacher, and
someone is there to teach him and come to know God's love for him too.
Please don't remove him from Sunday school, its only feeding into what he
was taught here in Russia and he won't learn God's love  for him. Russia
is a very hard place and he most likely has had a hard life, show him love
really its what he needs. Like most of the kids here they don't know how
to respond to many situations, and all they really want is someone to accept
them and love them.
Blessings to you
St. Petersburg Russia

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8) Golden Rule Skit?

I am a Pioneer Girls leader and we need a skit about the golden rule in
which the right and wrong way to treat others is illustrated. 
For Him,
Lori Wilson

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9) Psalm 23 Lessons?

"Hi there, I found a great idea for a Psalm 23 obstacle course in
the archives (http://christiancrafters.com/archive_74July02.html)
posted by 'Kristine B." at drkatz@telus.net.  The idea
indicated that the author could forward on a lesson
outline and coloring page, but the email address is no
longer valid.

Kristine B., are you out there?  Or does anyone else
have the information that goes with this lesson?
Please email me at mamaneale@yahoo.com if you can

We are planning to do this activity on Thursday, April
22, so time is of the essence!

Thank you,
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