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SSTN # 40 - May 7, 2004

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Ascension Sunday Craft

1) Teaching Tip
2) Rancho Roundup VBS?
3) Ten Commandments For 3-4 year olds?

The Parables of Jesus  /   6-12 Week Series

4) Mother's Day and death of mom?
5) Fear Factor VBS?
6) Hokey Pokey Tune?

Fruit of the Spirit Spinner
7) Salt & Light Song?
8) Let the Sunshine In Song?
9) Psalm 23 Lessons

Prayer Wheel

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Ascension Sunday
May 23 is Ascension Sunday. This day celebrates the ascension of Jesus
into heaven, recorded in Acts 1:1-11. Make the "Jesus Ascending
Mini-Movie" to coordinate with your lesson. Learn more at:


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1) Teaching Tip

When I run into a good idea I love to share it.  Perhaps someone can use
I have many flannelgraph lessons but now and then do not have one for a
particular lesson.  I go through the figures I do have and see if I can
make them fit the lesson.  For example, next Sunday I will be teaching
about the rich young ruler.  I had a figure of a young man kneeling but he
was bald.  I temporarily added a crown to his head, reduced his size in my
printer to go with the figure I had of Christ and the disciples.  That
worked well.  But then the figure of Christ was facing the wrong
direction, so I went to my printer setup and clicked on mirror image and
printed it.  Then I had the right direction.  By addine a strip of flannel
to the backs of both figures, I am all set.
I also wanted something to impress the kids with what Jesus said about it
being easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man
to enter heaven.  I took a piece of plastic wrap, laid it over a picture
of a camel and painted it.  When it wes dry, I turned it over and painted
it on the other side (I used acrylic paint).  After it was thoroughly dry,
I cut it out.  At the store I found a needle with a long large eye. 
Sunday I will stick the nose of the camel through and hope the rest
Helen Setser

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2) Rancho Roundup VBS?

Hi, my name is Sharon and I live in Eastern Kentucky, Just moved here 4yrs
ago. I am trying to start a Bible School for the kids in this area.
I received from the Christian Applachian outreach about 17 kits of the
Rancho Roundup VBS materials.  I would like to know if anyone  reading
this would have any supplies left from last year.  This was a 2003 VBS 
material.  I would need  a CD with the music and the words to the songs,
also if any of you would have the Benito puppet and the wooley lamb and
the skits, just anything that you would have left would help us a lot.  We
have about 50 to 60 kids in this area.  I would love to see them get to go
to VBS this year.  If anyone can help me I would realy appreicate it.  
God Bless   

Sharon Rowland
Po Box 640
Boons Camp, Ky 41204

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3) Ten Commandments For 3-4 year olds?

Does anyone know where we can find curriculum for a 4-day lesson on the
Ten Commandments for Preschoolers (ages 3-4).  We are going to use Ten
Commandments VBS curriculum for upper grade levels, however, it does not
have lessons for preschoolers.
Thank You!    J. Lovall

--from SSTN: for those responding, please include ISBN for our bookstore.

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The Parables of Jesus  /  6-12 Week Series

Parables are "earthly stories with heavenly meaningsā€. This 12 week series
examines six parables that focus on "Faith", "God's Mercy", "Being
Merciful", "Obedience", "Prayer", and "Evangelism". Through the use of
hands-on Bible lessons, crafts and games, children will gain a better
understanding of these important truths. Can be incorporated into
rotation-type programs!  Learn more at:


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4) Mother's Day and death of mom?

Mother's Day is fast approaching and I need help. I have a student whose
Mother has passed away in January 2003 from an accident while playing with
her children, she was sleigh riding with them and went into a pond and
drown searching for her children.  (I teach 3rd and 4th graders). This is
the first Mother's Day lesson I have taught with the Mother having passed
I need some help in how to do the class so that I could manage to let the
other students show appreciation to their mother's while trying to be
compassionate and sensitive to her as well. I do know that she sometimes
does things with her Mother's sister, and her Grandmother. I wondered how
some of the other's have managed during these times.

Thanks, Rae

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5) Fear Factor VBS?

I am planning on doing a Fear Factor VBS this and have absolutely no idea
where to start. I need some good Bible stories that deal with overcoming
fear. And some good craft ideas to go with them. Games and snack ideas
would be a big help, too.
Christine Watson

from SSTN: Assemble your lessons, then build your ideas around them. For
example, lessons on: Daniel in the lions den, Shadrach, Meshach, and
Abenego in the fiery furnace, Joseph in the cistern, Israelites escaping
through the Red Sea, David and Goliath, etc.

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6) Hokey Pokey Tune?

I am looking for the lyrics to a Sunday School song that we used to sing a
long time ago...it's to the tune of the Hokey Pokey and what fun it was!
 I just can't remember the words!  Any help?  
BettyLou -- Cleveland Ohio

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Fruit of the Spirit Spinner

Children will learn the Fruit of the Spirit in a fun new way. Each
characteristic is illustrated with a whimsical cartoon fruit for kids to
color, cut, and spin.

Get a lesson and learn more here:

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7) Salt & Light Song?
I'm looking for an upbeat song to go with "You are the salt of the
earth...you are the light of the world." ("This little light of mine" is
too babyish.)
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8) Let the Sunshine In Song?

Hi , I am looking for the lyrics to a sunday school song that I learned as
a child. The song was on one of the Marcy, and little marcy records, if
anyone is familiar with them. It is called "Let the Sunshine In."  I know
some of verses, just not sure if I have it all. If you think you can help
me reply to this address,  wadewhite@roadrunner.nf.net   using SUNSHINE in
the subject line. Thanks. May God Bless you, Tammy White

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9) Psalm 23 Lessons

So sorry I didn't read this SSTN in time for your lesson!  I have been
away this past month.  Just to prevent this happening again, I will post the
lesson and that way anyone who wants it can access it thru the archives.

Psalm 23


* God takes care of his people
* We should turn to God when we are worried or afraid


Mark kid's ears (a little cross, use a felt) as they come downstairs, we
will explain later

Read Psalm 23 to kids, ask if they have ever been scared, what did they
(Refer to Daniel 6 lesson on lions den & prayer)


Give them Coloring page to take home after class with Psalm 23.

Shepherds who keep real sheep mark their sheep's ears so they can tell
which ones belong to them, this is what the cross on the kids ears
represents, that they belong to God.  Explain how we are all like God's
sheep, and He is our shepherd, and looks after us.   God wants us to tell
others about Him, so that even more people can know Him, so when people
ask about the mark, we should tell them about Jesus!



We're going to do some activities now that teach us the parts of Psalm 23!

Station 1:  Everyone grab your bibles!  The Lord gives us everything we
need, in His Book the Bible...we must take it with us wherever we go to
remember His Word, and to see where we should go next!

Station 2:  Roll through the "Field of Green Grass" ( Green construction
paper stuck together)

Station 3:  Dip your fingers into the bowl of "Quiet Waters"  (Big bowl
with blue water in)

Station 4:  Follow the "right path" (narrow path through some chairs or
other obstacles)  singing a song of praise to God! (My God is so big)

Station 5:  Run through the "darkest valley"  (under a tarp strung over
some chairs)  Remember God is with us wherever we are!

Station 6:  Eat cheese & crackers at the feast prepared for us!  While
kids eat, dab the cinnamon-spiked Vaseline on their foreheads (anoint with oil)
then pour them cups that overflow! (over a bowl, of course!)

Station 7:  Tie cans with "goodness" and "love" written on them to the
kids ankles, that way it will follow them all their days (at least until class
is over)

Station 8:  Have a prayer of thanks for God's loving care and that we can
dwell in his house forever!

Remember to hand out the coloring page!!

I did use a resource on the internet, which I have no idea how to find
again, of a church who did a sheep Olympics vbs...I used the grain of that
idea  for this SS activity, if you know who came up with it originally,
please give them credit, and please glorify God with your teaching.  My
kids still talk about this lesson, they loved it, and that was 2 yrs ago! 
God bless you in your teaching.  Any other ? email me at dr_katz@telus.net
(my email changed due to spam).  Oh and for the coloring page, I just
typed out psalm 23 and pasted appropriate clipart for the kids to color
using MS Puublisher...easy to do but I can send it to those who don't have
the 'puter knowledge/resources to do it themselves.

In Him,
Kristine Bell

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Prayer Wheel

Children turn the wheel to learn "The Lord's Prayer", the prayer that
Jesus taught us to pray. Use the Prayer Wheel during class time, at the
dinner table, or for morning and bedtime prayers! Kids color, cut, and
assemble the easy-to-make patterns.

Learn more at:

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