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SSTN # 41 - May 10, 2004

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Ascension Sunday Craft

1) David and Goliath?
2) Courageous Kids VBS?
3) Beyond 8 Note Colored Bells

The Parables of Jesus  /   6-12 Week Series

4) Baskets and Bible lesson?
5) Construction VBS Theme?
6) Bad Language

Fruit of the Spirit Spinner
7) Calming Kids
8) Armor of God
9) Bad language

Prayer Wheel

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Ascension Sunday
May 23 is Ascension Sunday. It celebrates the ascension of Jesus
into heaven, recorded in Acts 1:1-11. Have your class make and take the
"Jesus Ascending Mini-Movie" to coordinate with your lesson. Learn more


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1) David and Goliath?

Would like online story of David and Goliath.  A member of our Bible Study
group would like to see this.
Bev Lettko

--from SSTN: Hi Bev, check the archives and links pages at:

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2) Courageous Kids VBS?

I am search of some material for the old VBS program called Courageous
Kids. What I need from that program is the overhead for Daniel & Goliath.
Is there anyone out there who might have it that I can use.

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3) Beyond 8 Note Colored Bells

So where do you go after learning all the songs, and playing them over
&over on the 8 note set using the cue cards? Well, that's where we started
4 years ago, but I got tired of the same songs over and over. They were a
great starting place to get our bell group off the ground, but then we
wanted something with more of a challenge. That was about the same time
the sharps and flats were added (5 new bells). Then came the extended
upper and lower note sets. Now we had a 20 bell range to work with. But no
music. So I began arranging music from CD's, and it didn't make any
difference what key the music was in we could cover it all. We ended up
coloring cue notes/chords on 20" X 30" styrofoam boards. There were as
many as 70 to 100 changes for a song, so the cue cards weren't really an
option at this point.

Now we have bell arrangements for songs ranging from Michael W Smith's
"Hibernia" to Amy Grant's "Agnus Dei."  I just finished arranging "More
Love, More Power" using the CD by Jeff Deyo for a Kindergarten class. 
It's not really that difficult to make the arrangement and then put it on
a board.

And the children learn fast. I have been working with 3-5 year olds using
the Kristal Bell Method cards for about 8 months. Now they are just
getting started with the song boards. Still using only 1 bell, but they
(for the most part) are able to pick up on the cues very well. Some still
have a very short attention span but I have been very surprised at how
well they have progressed.

This works really well for teaching tone identification, pitch, hand eye
coordination, color identification, socialization (i.e. working together),
concentraion, and even musical timing.  But best of all is the ministry
possibilities for a childrens church group, ministering to a congregation.

Gene Maxwell

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The Parables of Jesus  /  6-12 Week Series

Parables are "earthly stories with heavenly meanings”. This 12 week series
examines six parables that focus on "Faith", "God's Mercy", "Being
Merciful", "Obedience", "Prayer", and "Evangelism". Through the use of
hands-on Bible lessons, crafts and games, children will gain a better
understanding of these important truths. Can be incorporated into
rotation-type programs!  Learn more at:


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4) Baskets and Bible lesson?

I need some help locating some object lesson or skit which used different
kind of baskets for different bible scriptures.  I have looked and looked
and can not come up with the web-site.  Would you be able to help me
locate something similar.  Example--was like a laundry basket filled with
dirty laundry and using the scripture, Jesus makes us white as snow or a
basket filled with fruit and talked about the fruits of the spirit, etc. 
I would greatly appreciate any help you can assist me with.  Thanks and
God bless

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5) Construction VBS Theme?

We are making arrangements for our VBS.  Our theme will be based on
construction and our main character is Rick the brick.  We have VBS
classes for ages 2 to adult. 
I would appreciate any ideas on crafts, decorations, music or anything
else you may think of.

Thank you in advance
Your sister in Christ

--from SSTN: "Wise and Foolish Builder" parable and song (Matt. 7:24);
Potter and clay (Isaiah 29:16); living stones being built into a holy
temple (1 Peter 2:5).

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6) Bad Language

In response to the Bad Language post there is a kid in my Sunday school
class that is sooooooooooooo bad I can’t explain it.  I didn’t know what
to do but then I began to watch him and his interaction with the family
and realize that he was screaming for attention and I pulled him tot eh
side one day and just talked to him and listen to his feeling.  In Sunday
class I had him help me with them and rewarded him.  He is coming along,
we could never get him to sing in the choir or participate in things but
he is now.  Try talking to him he needs someone to talk to 

Alita McRae
Providence, RI

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Fruit of the Spirit Spinner

Children will learn the Fruit of the Spirit in a fun new way. Each
characteristic is illustrated with a whimsical cartoon fruit for kids to
color, cut, and spin.

Get a lesson and learn more here:

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7) Calming Kids

In response to calming kids down, what my pastor use to do was on long
trips back home he put a tv in the church van that could be taken out
after the trip.  I believe he got on of those tv that could be plugged in
an adapter that plugged in the cig lighter.  Then would watch movies and
even brought the xbox with them.  The kids loved it!  Also you can play
bible hangman and pass out prizes.  Do word search and have prizes. Etc. 
buy some board games. 

Alkita McRae
Providence, RI
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8) Armor of God

I usually read the story to them and actually have them act out what the
lesson is about.. I found that helps them remember more.  You can have
them actually make armor to put on and label all of them
Providence RI

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9) Bad language

>They're little boy is in my class and he has a very bad mouth
>and he doesn't listen to anything I say. I don't

This message is in response to the bad language posting. I am not sure if
this will help or not, but I use it with my Pre-K class and it works
really well. I know it sounds a little funny to an adult, but it seems to
have an impact on four and five year olds.  Everytime a child says
something that shouldn't be said in Sunday School I pull him or her aside
and say the following:
When I say words that are bad (you can substitute the word mad, which I
have also done in the past, depending on the situation),
it makes Jesus very sad.
When I say words that are from the heart,
it sets me apart
Because I know that Jesus loves me,
I can be kind and happy.

Hope this helps!
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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Prayer Wheel

Children turn the wheel to learn "The Lord's Prayer", the prayer that
Jesus taught us to pray. Use the Prayer Wheel during class time, at the
dinner table, or for morning and bedtime prayers! Kids color, cut, and
assemble the easy-to-make patterns.

Learn more at:

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