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SSTN # 42 - May 12, 2004

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1) Bad language
2) Bad language
3) Making Slime?
4) Helping New Recruits?

The Parables of Jesus  /   6-12 Week Series

5) Rancho Roundup?
6) Treasures of the Nile
7) Treasures of the Nile
8) Mother's Day Craft

Fruit of the Spirit Spinner

9) Mother's Day and death of mom
10) Used VBS Materials
11) Tea Bag Lesson
12) Used VBS Materials

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1) Bad language
Children are a product of their environment, they mimic what they learn.
Please don't kick this child out of your class contrary to popular belief
Sunday school is not for our wonderful church kids. it's to save the lost
and who's more lost then this poor little boy, he's crying out for help
and who can help him more then Jesus. Find someone with the patience to
deal with him and ask them to do a one on one. I am not trying to be mean
but being a Sunday school teacher is a ministry and if you only want
perfect kids maybe you should find another ministry.
I speak from many years of experience and have been where you are, prayer
goes a long way, ask God to give you a special love and a burden for him.
He needs you more than all the good kids.
Gail, Maine

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2) Bad language

I also teach Sunday School and have had a couple of run ins with children
with discipline issues like language.  Is there anything that you've seen
that he can do really well like color or read?  Try to really watch for
things like that to praise him on during class so you reward the good
behavior and not the bad.  If he continues to use bad language you may
have to have a talk with his parents.  Just start with the good traits he
has in class then, gently tell them that he has been using bad language
alot.  Our church has purchased vibrating pagers and after 2 disruptions
the child's parent is given a pager to notify them if you need to.  I hope
some of these ideas work!

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3) Making Slime?

I have a question:  Has anyone ever made "slime"?  If so, what recipe did
you use?  I didn't find anything in the archives.  I'm thinking about
having a contest and the loser gets "slimed".  I plan to have boys vs.
girls and if they are willing to be slimed, their name is entered every
time they come. At the end of our contest, if the boys lost then we will
pull 2 names out and those 2 boys will be slimed.  If the girls lose, then
2 girls will be slimed. Thanks as always! 
God Bless!  Sherri in Indiana

--from SSTN: Hi Sherri, do a word search on google.com for "slime".
You'll find some recipes.

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4) Helping New Recruits?

I am the only teacher for the children of our church (3yrs-12yrs) I teach
most of the children Sunday morning, Sunday evening and midweek.  We are a
new church and do not really have anyone who is not a new Christian for
teaching.  I hope for Vacation Bible School we are going to go with a one
room idea like I do with the children.  The question I have is what are
ways that I can encourage and help  these new Christians who want to
volunteer be involved in the VBS?  I don't want to discourage them but I
know that they are too new to be teachers.

Mollie Palmer

--from SSTN: I'd suggest appointing crew leaders (adult or teens) to
oversee small groups of 4-6 kids. Crew leaders are responsible for
maintaining order in their crew and helping in other ways such as handing
out supplies, helping to find Bible verses, encouraging participation,
being a loving hand, etc. Your crews can be mixed ages too.

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The Parables of Jesus  /  6-12 Week Series

Parables are "earthly stories with heavenly meaningsā€. This 12 week series
examines six parables that focus on "Faith", "God's Mercy", "Being
Merciful", "Obedience", "Prayer", and "Evangelism". Through the use of
hands-on Bible lessons, crafts and games, children will gain a better
understanding of these important truths. Can be incorporated into
rotation-type programs!  Learn more at:


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5) Rancho Roundup?

I need leftover materials from last year, for the Rancho Roundup VBS. I
need puppets, cd's, tapes and materials. Please Help. Thank you
Sharon R.     E-mail    erv@tiusa.net

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6) Treasures of the Nile

Karlene, you may have already used this but a craft that my VBS class
(grades 2 - 4) did last year was the footprint in the sand magnet.  I
purchased it from the Treasures of the Nile resource book and I think
there were 24 in a pack with all of the supplies to complete them.  They
turned out really nice and I know that most of the kids still have them on
their refrigerators.  Also, I have used some of the crafts out of the
Inspirational Section in the Oriental Trading Catalog, the cross and Bible
with the books listed on it turned out really well, we did that when we
were memorizing the Books of the Bible.  I'd appreciate some of your craft
ideas if you could give me an email address or tell me how to get in


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7) Treasures of the Nile

Standard publishing has a web page for VBS. which includes a bulletin
board. Last time I checked the Board for Treasures of the Nile was still
La Marque, TX
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8) Mother's Day Craft

Last year I took pieces of wood, one of the dad's cut them into 6-7 inch
pieces ...a thin piece of wood works too...you can pick them up precut at
walmart or most craft stores I think its called balsa wood....anyhow you
have to use glue gun for this so adult supervision is necessary....take 5
or 6 buttons Large if you have them...doesnt matter the color or if they
match glue them to the front of the wood have children paint a stem out of
green paint and leaves for a FLOWER using the button as the flower....I
always leave one button off as if it were "picked"  then I hand write with
paint or a paint pen or even a permanent marker
"If mother's were flowers I would pick you!" we glued string on the two
ends of the wood so the mom's could hang them
As well we made a simple "mother BADGE"  cutting a circle out of felt and
two little sashes glued it together just like a blue ribbon for a
contest....I printed on my computer the words #1 MOTHER or MAMA or MOM or
MOMMY whichever my kids wanted....then we just cut them out in a circle to
glue ontop of the BADGE  you have to print it out kinda small and within
the area you will be cutting so some trial & error is needed here.......a
safety pin holds it in place for mom to wear on her special day!
Hope this helps and is in time for those last minute Mother's day crafts

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Fruit of the Spirit Spinner

Children will learn the Fruit of the Spirit in a fun new way. Each
characteristic is illustrated with a whimsical cartoon fruit for kids to
color, cut, and spin.

Get a lesson and learn more here:

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9) Mother's Day and death of mom

This message is in response to Rae about Mother's Day. I lost my
grandmother a few years back, and all though I still have my mom, my
grandmother was the one who raised me. As a Sunday School teacher now, I
always try to do a Mother's Day craft with the children, without being too
obvious that Mother's Day has to be only for mom's. For instance, this
year the children are making handprint flowers, and the poem at the bottom
doesn't mention mom directly, instead says "This isn't just a flower, as
you can plainly see, I made it with my hand which God made a part of me.
It comes with lots of love especially to say, I hope you have a very,
special Mother's Day!"
By leaving the poem open without saying mom, it gives those who live with
their mother's a chance to give her a present she will cherish, and those
who do not a chance to give a special grandmother, aunt, adopted mom,
friend, etc a gift she will also cherish. It also makes Mother's Day a
little bit easier for me, as I do miss my grandmother, and all though my
mother was never the one that I lived with until much later in my teenage
years, it also gives me a new respect for her. Regardless of whether it's
a mother, grandmother, aunt, or a friend; just about every child has a
woman figure in their life somewhere who is special to them. For me, that
figure is the mother of two of the girls that I babysit for, I call her
"my second mom" and she calls me "her third daughter" Mother's Day can be
about honoring those kinds of people as well, and doesn't have to be just
for mother's. Not only does the dictionary list a mother as someone who
gives birth, but right below that definition, as a well-respected
definition in this day in age is the definition "one who nourishes, loves,
and protects".
I hope this helps!
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

--from SSTN: this message was forwarded to Rae before Sun...Let's remember
this family in our prayers. ysic, sarah keith <><

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10) Used VBS Materials

This message is in response to Veronica searching for used VBS materials.
There are allot of resources on the Internet that let you make things
yourself, and it is possible to create your own VBS on a next to nothing
budget. I have resources for the SCUBA theme, a Wild West Theme, and a
Lighthouse theme. You didn't really state what theme you were looking to
obtain, but if any of these interest you, please feel free to contact me
at: living_life_my_way@earthlink.net
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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11) Tea Bag Lesson

I live in the Houston, TX area, where humidity is part of our weather all
year around.  Again, use a tea bag that comes sealed in a foil packet
(constant comment or other Bigelow teas fork great). I have tried using
the ones that are packed in a box, or the ones with a paper packet around
them and they just do not work.
You do have to stay out of the air conditioner path, as it blows the
casing over. 
I do this in all the workshops and kids crusades we conduct, so I have
done it all over the USA.
La Marque, TX

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12) Used VBS Materials

Virginia,  Last year we did a theme of Hero's of the Bible.
We assigned teachers 2 hero's each and they wrote the major story they
wanted to share.  You may want to have 5 - 10 hero's for the week.  We
also tied it into today's hero's like rock stars, movie stars, etc and had
a different one for each day.  The children really got into this.  The
hero stories are just adapted to fit the age group you are teaching.
Hope this helps,
Doreen in Indiana

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