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SSTN # 45 - May 19, 2004

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1) Salt & Light Song
2) Basket Stories
3) Worshipping with Flags?
4) Beyond the 8 note colored Bells.

The Parables of Jesus:  6-12 Week Series

5) Baskets and Bible Lesson
6) New Recruits
7) Helping New Recruits
8) Used VBS Materials

Fruit of the Spirit Spinner

9) Slime Recipe
10) Sensational Slime
11) Feedback on Bible Club?
12) Involving New Christians

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Professional Contacts List: Toys, Games, Manufacturers & Books

The who-do-you-know list to getting your book or product reviewed.
Over 140 contacts in the toy, game, and book publishing industry!


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1) Salt & Light Song

The song "You are the Light of the World" from the musical, "Godspell" is
great.  I had the kids sing the song and pass out little construction
paper circles with a birthday candle taped to each one.  I wrote "You are
the Light of the World" on each.  Angie from L.A., California.

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2) Basket Stories

Another story with baskets is the Feeding of the 5,000.  In that story 12
baskets of food is gathered.  Whenever I teach that to my kindergarten
class, I bring in 12 baskets and lay them in a row to help get a visual
picture of how God provided....


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3) Worshipping with Flags?

In SSTN #39, May 5 - Jan Rowan wrote about teaching the children to
worship with flags.  I would be greatly interested in knowing more about
this, if she would write or she can contact me at Rene.Darnell@lauw.net.


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4) Beyond the 8 note colored Bells

We also have a children'sbell choir at my church which I am the director
of. It is a blessing to the church and is often used as a outreach to the
community to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.I would be interested in
emailing the gentleman that wrote in about his bell choir. We too have
played alot of our songs and would like to play different up to date songs
but not sure about the background music matching up.Where do you get the
add on bells?We have ordered from 2 companys.I also need more Christmas
and Easter music. Please email me at annetteonemom@comcast.net if you have
any information.

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The Parables of Jesus:  6-12 Week Series

Parables are "earthly stories with heavenly meaningsā€. This 12 week series
examines six parables that focus on "Faith", "God's Mercy", "Being
Merciful", "Obedience", "Prayer", and "Evangelism". Through the use of
hands-on Bible lessons, crafts and games, children will gain a better
understanding of these important truths. Can be incorporated into
rotation-type programs!  Learn more at:


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5) Baskets and Bible Lesson

I discovered a lesson of the above topic on this website:
In case you cannot get through below is a list and the text you can use:
a. Baby Basket:   A baby basket keeps the little ones safe, warm and
comfortable. Actually they are the next best thing to a mother's arms.
Isaiah 40:11 paints a beautiful picture of the Lord's comfort.
b.. Bread Basket : Many homes suffer from a Great malnutrition and it is
our responsibility to see that the Bread of life is taught & kept alive in
our homes. This bread is described in John 6: 35
c. Laundry Basket:  It carries many pounds of dirty clothes and if it
could speak would probably complain about being over loaded most of the
time. Sometimes we try to be like the laundry basket carrying all our
problems and hurts and even those of our families.  We shd be teaching and
living the great truth of Psalm 55: 22  and 1st Peter 5 :7
d. Fruit Basket : Bearing Fruit is important in the kingdom of God: John
15: 16  and the Fruit of the spirit must be seen in our lives Gal 5:22-23
e. Cleaning Basket: (with feather duster, mop etc): Our home shd be clean
enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.  We shd never be slave
to our home where it makes us fly off the handle when something is out of
place. Our home shd be a refugefor families & friends and a place to relax
and feel comfortable:  Psalm 51: 10 Create in me a clean heart....
f. Offering Basket: A happy heart, a happy heart, a thankful heart and a
giving heart. 2 Corithians 9: 7
g. Flower Basket:  A pleasing sight Take time to enjo the beauty of God's
creation.KIng David in Psalm 19: 1
h. Sewing Basket:  Are some people in your neighbourhood coming apart,
maybe some have holes in their lives.  We who know Jesus can sew these
lives together as those chosen by God Colossians 3: 12
i.  Waste basket : (waste Paper) Mathew 6: 19 - 21
j.  Picnic Basket:We shd never be so busy to take time off at the beach.
Simple time out at the park, even a picnic in the backyard it can be
changed to special  times we share with each other and with the Lord:
Psalm 104: 34, Psalm 19: 14
k. Gift basket: 1Corithians 7: 7

Hope the above will be helpful
God Bless Keresi Fonmanu (Fiji Islands)

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6) New Recruits

>The question I have is what are
>ways that I can encourage and help  these new Christians who want to
>volunteer be involved in the VBS?  I don't want to discourage them but
>know that they are too new to be teachers.

Molly, you could certainly start a good conversation here.  I have never
heard of someone being too new a Christian to teach. I have heard of
people being too new to a church to teach.  To me, a Christian is how you
live your life, not how long you have gone to church or been saved.  Going
to church does not make you any more a Christian, than going to the garage
makes you a mechanic.  I started teaching Sunday School 25 years ago
and had very little knowledge of the Bible.  I have learned a lot in 25
years and it has not been by sitting in church....it has been by teaching
the same stories again and again.
God bless,

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7) Helping New Recruits

This message is in response to ways to help new recruits, here are a
couple of ideas that I hope are helpful.
a.) Take the time to show them where everything that is used on a regular
basis in the classroom is (you would be surprised how something that seems
so simple, saves so much time, and a lot of frustration and interruptions
of your own class)
b.) Let them dive in as much as possible, but don't let them drown so to
speak. Be sure that you make yourself available in case they don't
understand part of the curriculum, aren't sure or comfortable with telling
the Bible story solo the first week, are having trouble keeping their
class under control, etc.
c.) Start them out in smaller groups first, and don't just hand them a
class of 40 kids and expect them to know what to do. If your church uses
both small group and large group programs in Sunday School, then I would
definitely start newcomers on a smaller group first, and let them observe
the way the class is run, before sticking them in their own class and
expecting them to know how to handle it.
d.) Let them know that they are appreciated and that their time and
devotion to the children is also appreciated. This will encourage them to
return week after week, without becoming burnt out, etc.
e.) Ask them what they want to do within the ministry, or what their goal
within the ministry is. One person may want to become a crafts coordinator
and only be in charge of the craft section of class, while another may
love to use puppets and be an awesome asset to the Bible story-telling
team. If you build your children's ministry off of the strengths and
weaknesses of it's workers, you would be amazed how fast it will grow.
f.) Lastly, be there for support. A good way to start every Sunday (before
we teach we do this, and it is so helpful) is to get in a circle, hold
hands, and just pray to God. Commit the day to Him, the lesson plan, the
themes, the classes, the children's, as well as your own heart. Ask for
guidance, strength, and a heart filled with His love. But, also ask that
you would be prepared, the eyes of your heart would be opened, that there
would be enough staff to go around, etc. When you commit those needs to
God Sunday morning (and let's face it, even those who work the early
service aren't completely "with it" or even "awake" some Sundays) it makes
the morning and the entire day go so much smoother.
Hope this helps!
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California
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8) Used VBS Materials

I've got Jonah's Overboard Adventure and VeggieTown Family Values
that you are welcome to borrow.  If you're interested in Jonah's
Overboard Adventure, we've still got lots of our decorations
and other stuff we used.  Please feel free to email me at
I'm in the suberbs of Birmingham, so it woudl be really easy
to get our materials to you. Let me know if you're interested!

For Him,

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Fruit of the Spirit Spinner

Children will learn the Fruit of the Spirit in a fun new way. Each
characteristic is illustrated with a whimsical cartoon fruit for kids to
color, cut, and spin.

Get a lesson and learn more here:

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9) Making Slime

>Has anyone ever made "slime"? 

Following is the recipe for making something sold under the name of GACK!
in stores.  It's lots of fun for kids to play with, as it's a cross
putty and Jell-o.  It can be easily formed into different shapes, but will
quickly lose that shape and become a formless puddle once you stop
manipulating it.  Best of all, it's very inexpensive to make yourself.
        2 cups white glue (regular old Elmer's school glue)
        1 and 1/2 cups water
        Food color of choice
Mix the above until it's not sticky.
Separately, dissolve:
        1 teaspoon Borax (found in stores in the laundry section)
        in 1/2 cup of water
Add Borax solution to the glue solution.  You will get a very thick clump
of Slime where the two mix.  Now you must work in the rest of the
solution; with clean hands, knead the Slime to get it to mix.  This will
take about ten minutes or so, and is not very difficult as the Slime
easily separates between your fingers.
If you desire a looser, more slimy texture, add a bit more water and knead
it in.  The more slimy this is, though, the more apt it is to get stuck in
any fabric it comes in contact with.  I recommend that children only be
allowed to play with it on a table.
If it gets stuck on any fabric, just soak it in water.  In time the Slime
will simply dissolve.

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10) Sensational Slime

>Has anyone ever made "slime"? 

What you will need: 1 quart plus 1 cup water 1/4 cup Borax (available at
supermarkets in the laundry detergent section) 2 large jars with lids 1
cup white glue Food coloring Paper cups Resealable plastic bags 
This project is one of those exhilarating activities that everybody loves.
By making and playing with this weird substance, your child is exploring
the scientific properties of an elasto-viscous material. What's an
elasto-viscous material? The earth, for one. When the earth moves slowly,
as in glacial movement or continental drift, it behaves like a liquid.
When it moves quickly or abruptly, as in an earthquake, it behaves like a
solid and fractures. Sensational Slime moves and stretches and fractures
and slides in the same amazing way. (And parents note: Buying the borax
and glue is the hard part. This stuff is simple to make and easily cleaned
up with a little water. This slime will also copy newsprint when pressed
against the newspaper [comics are fun!]). 
How to do it: Pour 1 quart of water and the Borax into one of the large
jars. Stir to dissolve. Then pour the glue, 1 cup water, and a few drops
of food coloring into the other jar, replace the lid, and shake hard. You
now have 2 jars of solution: a Borax solution and a glue solution.  To
make the Sensational Slime, pour 2 tablespoons of the Borax solution into
a paper cup. Stir in 6 tablespoons of the glue solution. Watch! The
mixture suddenly becomes thick and slimy. Stir hard, then pour off any
extra liquid. Knead the slime with your hands until smooth. Place in a
resealable plastic bag before gift-wrapping.  
I have had this on my PC for several years soory I don't know where I got
Jan in Albama

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11) Feedback on Bible Club?

Does anyone have any experience with "Down the Street and Around the World
Bible Club" from LifeWay?  I am interested in using this as a week-long
summer backyard bible club but I have only the information from their
website and they have no samples.  Can anyone provide me with some
feedback on it? 

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12) Involving New Christians

In reply to letting new christians be involved in VBS.  There are hundreds
of ways they can help...set up snack, or craft, decorate the room, take
pictures, registration, put on a skit, help usher kids to and from the
bathroom, let them run the games, etc.  I think it's great they want to
help (and I know you do too!), let them use their gift to enhance your
lesson, whether it be crafts, snacks, etc..
God bless!

Deb C.
Jupiter, Fl.

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