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SSTN # 45 - May 18, 2005

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1) Christian Radio Stations?
2) Rewards
3) Music Camp Ideas
4) Joseph lesson for 2 & 3 year olds
5) Rewards System

Psalm 23 Keepsake Wall Hanging

6) Autistic child
7) Son Harvest...left over
8) Bible quiz?
9) Lace Curtain Story?
10) Child sent out

This two semester series saves you $$!

11) Mother's Day Poem?
12) Songs & Skits?
13) Bell costume ideas
14) Youth Game Night
15) Adult Bible School

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1) Christian Radio Station?

>I read the following in your newsletter of April 27th: ...Listen while
>you browse! Many >Christians love to listen to radio ministry programs on
>the Internet When I got there I >found this: "Off the Air Indefinitely"
>Does anyone else have any radio stations to >recommend?

Thank you,
Judith Huffer
Homosassa, FL

--from SSTN: Rather than have a flood of postings for everyone's favorite
radio stations, I recommend the following link where you can listen online. Make sure you
grab the entire link:

AND, you can find the "Listen Online" link at:

You can also google.com your search for "Christian Radio Stations".

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2) Rewards

>My question is, I'd like to do some sort of reward system. 
>I've already started collecting prizes, but I'm not
>sure what kinds of things I can have the kids do to earn tickets.

Bring visitors, bring your Bible, Memory, attendance, offering, good
behavior, etc.

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3) Music Camp Ideas

How about POWER Up?

P: Praise the Lord
O: Obey Him through service with gifts and talents
W: Worship Him
E: Encourage and Uplift One another through music
R: Reach out to the lost

You could talk about how the Joy of the Lord is our strength!

You could either talk about building up the "body" of Christ (the church)
or about examples of power from the Bible: Samson, David & Goliath, etc.


--from SSTN: the Hymn, "There's Power in the Blood" would coordinate with
this theme (aka "Would You Be Free From The Burden of Sin").

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4) Joseph lesson for 2 & 3 year olds

Check out the following sources:



(scroll down to "Joe's Coat.")

If you can't get the last links to work, go to
http://whnazarene.org/ss/children/childrensworkers.dsp and click on
"Lessons" and then "Joseph's Coat" for a lesson plan for preschoolers.
go back to the children's page and click on "Recipes" and then scroll down
to "Joe's Coat." for a cute snack idea.


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5) Rewards System

Attendance, Behavior, Attendance in other services, Offering
Bringing a Bible, Bringing a visitor, Learning a memory verse,
Sending a card to an absentee or visiting someone who's sick, etc.
Filling in a prayer chart to show they're praying every day, Being class

We gave out "coins" and the kids got to put them in their own banks to
save until the end of the month. They made the banks out of cake frosting
containers (we cut a slit in the lids, but the lids are easy to remove and
put back on each week). We took off the labels and made new ones-- you can
let the kids do this or you can make them on the computer and let the kids
color them. We wanted to use play money, but found it expensive and chose
instead to use red, white, and blue poker chips. We added a tiny circle
kids sticker to the centers of each one (got these very cheap at Oriental

At the end of the month (or whenever you like) you can add up the coins in
everyone's banks (when the kids aren't around) and decide what value to
place on your prizes based on that. You can also give out some coins right
before spending time for unique things. You might look around and see a
visitor who doesn't have any coins and say, "Today we are going to give
all first time visitors 15 coins!" or something...


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Psalm 23 Keepsake Wall Hanging pattern

The "Psalm 23 Keepsake Wall Hanging" pattern can accompany
"The Good Shepherd" lesson series or be used as a stand alone project.
You will find it listed in the "Easy Make & Take Download" section at: 

(you may need to copy and paste the link to your browser)

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6) Autistic child

To Shirley, the grandmother of an autistic child and others who have
wanted to know more, I recently came upon an eye-opening story written by
a high functioning autistic woman who is world-renowned for sharing her
inner world and achieving wonderful things...her name is Dr. Temple
Grandin.  Here is her website.  http://www.templegrandin.com/   Also, just
type in Dr. Temple Grandin on your search engine and there are so many
sites with info about her!  She talks about how she thinks in
pictures...it is just fascinating!  God bless you friends!   Carol From
Burleson, Tx

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7) Son Harvest...left over

I have Son harvest materials left over from our VBS 2 years ago.  I would
like to give them away for the cost of shipping.
Thanks to everyone for all the great ideas!
Susanna McLehaney

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8) Bible quiz?

Dear Sarah 
I must tell you again, how glad i am i found your website.
I have taught sunday school for years, but we could use all the help we
can get.
God is doing a new thing in our children's lives and being so advanced, we
need to be clued up to keep them going. I want to start a bible quiz in my
class, i have a few very inquiring minds and i want to make bible
reading exciting. If can help it would be great.
Thank you again and God Bless you for all your efforts in getting his word
out .

--from SSTN: Hi Desiree:
I'm glad you found the site and SSTN too! I would suggest that you do not
limit yourself to quizzing your students. There are so many other ways to
teach young, inquiring minds.  Make sure you check out the quiz and other
game ideas on the Games page at:

Check out the skits, crafts and lesson ideas at: 

As well as the Hands-on lessons of the Bible at:

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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9) Lace Curtain Story?

I've been looking for over a year for a story that tells about lace
curtains.   It says that all over Europe, in the government buildings, the
curtains look like they are too long and need to be hemmed because they
are pooled at the floor and on window seats. They do that so that in the
event of the windows breaking, the curtains billow out and catch most of
the glass. It compared them to Jesus protecting us. I searched the web and
can't find anything about them.   Is anyone familiar with this story?
Thanks so much,

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10) Child sent out

>Please seek out whomever is in leadership and let them know - this is an
>natural demand and will alienate all parents with children in their room.

Hi Lauren:
Thank you for the advice.  The person running the nursery is not a
volunteer, but paid staff and has been in that position for some time.  I
did talk to her supervisor with no support at all.  She was the one that
told me they do not allow crying.  This past Sunday we had the boys
again.  Nathan had been in a rare mood the day before (tired) so when we
left him in the nursery we mentioned that we would check on him before we
went to class.  We did and he was, indeed crying.  I took him to class
with us (2nd/3rd) and he spent a good part of the hour in my lap with his
head on my shoulder. (not crying, and very content)  Luckily my husband
teaches with me so the little one was not a problem, but I would certainly
feel better if he was in the nursery.  

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"Super Heroes of the Bible" is a two-semester series
which seeks to develop FAITH, COURAGE, and OBEDIENCE
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11) Mother's Day Poem?

Just inquiring I need help with a sunday school project for Mother's Day.

I need a "poem" for my 2 year olds artwork. Any ideas would be great!

--from SSTN: sorry your posting didn't make it in on time.
Hopefully you'll receive some ideas for next year.
Make sure you search the archives too at:


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12) Songs & Skits?

I work with primarily 1st thru 4th grade for Sunday School and Wednesday
Nite program in a small church--my problem is when folks are gone I have
to do the singing and skits----so any ideas to help someone who cannot
carry a tune much less lead any kind of singing--often cannot remember the
songs--also I'm not the best at telling the story so as to do a skit---any
ideas would be appreciated. I'm in Anchorage Alaska.

--from SSTN: Hi Mary:
Use music CDs such as "Kids on the Rock" or "Group's Singable Songs For
Children's Ministries". You can find them in the music section of our
Bookstore at:
Place the words on an overhead projector and sing along...very easy! Allow
the kids to make up hand motions for a few of the words in the song.

Check out the Skits page too for some great ideas at:

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13) Bell costume ideas

> Our Church is doing the "Down By The Creek Bank" program in a few weeks.
> I'm in charge of making the bells.

This is for the person who was looking for bell costume ideas. I am not
sure how complicated/how realistic you want to make the costumes, but you
might be able, depending on the ages of the kids to cut out the shape of a
bell from a piece of fun foam, large enough to cover about 3/4 of the
child's body, then cut another piece exactly the same size. You can then
either cut a circle for the child to stick his/her head through, and seal
the top edges of the bell with glue or double-stick tape and slide it up
over the child's head; or, you can use ribbon or elastic to make straps,
similiar to suspenders to attach to the shape, one on each side of the
bell, and hook the straps to the other piece of the bell as well. Then, it
can just be slipped over the child and you can still see the childs face.
If you don't know how to freehand a bell, you can find a bell coloring
page, enlarge it, and use it as a pattern. Another idea, if you know
someone who is a good seamstress, you may be able to show them the picture
of this liberty bell costume

and they may be able to come up with something similiar, put a black
t-shirt underneath and you would not even have to sew the top part. Hope
this helps!
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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14) Youth Game Night

A great resource for games is at www.pastor2youth.com, there are over 800
games listed divided down by category such as indoor/ outdoor and by
activity level. I've originally used this site when working with teens.
Some of the games may not work with younger kids but many will.

A favorite game I've used with Teens alone and with Kids - Adults is The
M&M Game - You divide up into teams equal in size to the colors of m&m's
in a bag (I think it's 6 ) . You have each team sit on the ground in a
line and hand the first person on each team a baggy with m&m's in it (I
used about  1 1/2 or 2 cups per bag - they should all be equal) The idea
of the game is that each person on the team must pick a color of m&m and
eat all of the m&m's that are that color only. We allowed the person next
in line to help the eater pick out their chosen color. The eater must have
them all eaten and show their mouth to one of our roving judges to then
pass on the bag. Since there are more of some colors than others there's
stratagizing as whether to start with the browns - lots to eat or go with
the colors there are less of so they are faster to pick out. This game is
really a hoot to watch.

Have Fun
Linda in Edmonds

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15) Adult Bible School Ideas

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