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SSTN # 49 - June 1, 2005

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The LORD Is My Shepherd ... VBS - Bible Club

1) Beatitudes?
2) Wild Wednesdays
3) Wild Wednesdays
4) Yellow Theme
5) Explaining the Trinity

--> Armor of God Summer Series

6) Rock Garden...Traveling Rocks
7) Used Materials Scam
8) Discipline in Van
9) Santa in Christmas Program?
10) Father / Child Banquet

--> Fruit of the Spirit - Summer Series

11) Discipline in the van
12) Discipline in the van
13) Church Picnic Idea
14) Bear Ideas?
15) Camping Theme VBS

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The LORD Is My Shepherd ... VBS - Bible Club

This five day, hands-on VBS series can be expanded to 10-12 one hour sessions!
A great resource for summer Bible clubs! Learn more in the VBS / Bible Club section at:


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1) Beatitudes?

My task is to teach the beatitudes to children K-3rd grade.  Anyone have
any creative ideas, games or suggestions for teaching this difficult
passage to young children?  Thanks!
Kaye in Kansas

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2) Wild Wednesdays

Check out Group's for their lessons called Serengeti Trek. It has 8
lessons . You could do a party on the 9th week. Lots of fun. Valerie

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3) Wild Wednesdays

In responses to Wild Wednesdays, I am doing the same thing for our Kids
Summer Program But I am calling it ,Wild and Wacky Wednesdays. I got the
idea from ,Children's Ministry Magazine last years Summer issue. You could
go on the website and find it. It's GROUP publication. To give you some
idea what I am doing,Short devotion time,games,crazy snacks,some crafts.
It's all outlined for you in the magazine but I like to add to it for my
group of kids. I have a different theme each night like, Patricrotic
Night, Music Madness, Movie Night, Wacky Water night,Goofy Game
night,Pastor Appreciations, Crazy Hat, Bible Bingo, Insideout Upside down
night,Mystery Night. They have Bible verses and snacks so they all
coincide.I can't wait to do this program. I do it every Summer while the
club leaders take a summer break. The kids love it and so do I. Pastor has
been pleased too because the Wed. night attendance doesn't slack because
the kids like the  program.I also have used old VBS themes as well as
Sarah Keith's Bee-liever theme which was a real big hit. Hope this
helps..God's best to you.   You also can use Frank Perettls
"Wild and Wacky totally true Bible stories"

--from SSTN: you can find this book in our Bookstore. Just type the title
into the bookstore search box at:

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4) Yellow Theme

You might like to get some inspiration from Jim Bailey's song 'Colours of
Salvation' - there is a DVD and CD with it on.
Yellow is linked to the fine resurrection day.
Yellow presents all sorts of possibilities as well linked to flames - this
might be useful as we've just been celebrating Pentecost.
What about a link to the Spring Harvest theme of Daniel and his friends
being delivered from the fiery furnace?
Jesus - Light of the World or Let your light shine before men -
It depends what themes you want to develop and what your children can do.
Painted handprints make great flames.

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5) Explaining the Trinity

Here is an idea which was recently done in our Sunday Kids Club. I had to
share because it really got the message across..

One of the teachers in our Sunday Kids Club did an explanation the
following way....

She held up an apple, and asked:

        Is this a whole apple?
        She then peeled the apple and again asked  Is this a whole apple?
        She then cut the apple in half and asked Is this a whole apple?
        She then cored the apple and asked Is this a whole apple?
She then went on to explain that the Trinity is the Father, Son & Holy
Ghost. She then asked:

        If we took apart the Trinity and removed the Son: Is this God
        If we took apart the Trinity and removed the God: Is this God
        If we took apart the Trinity and removed the Holy Spirit: Is this
God (Trinity)?

So, we can conclude that if we were to remove any part of the Trinity
(Father, Son or Holy Ghost) this would not be the true Trinity! God is the
Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Sunday Kids Club Director
Grace Lutheran
Streamwood, IL

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--> Armor of God Summer Series

Learn more on the following page:


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6) Rock Garden...Traveling Rocks

I have started a "Rock Garden". It could just as easily be called a
"Prayer Garden", too. My garden is by my bed. But my "Rocks" get to travel
I place the names of people that I am praying for on a small stone. I
purchase mine at one of the dollar stores. (A small bag of 50 or more
stones is only a dollar.) These are shiny and can be written on easily. I
use a permanent fine tip marker and write the name of the person or family
I will pray for on one side of the rock. Each night, before going to bed,
I pick up my "rock garden" basket and hold each rock individually as I
pray for the person it represents.
If there is a request that is urgent,  I may take the stone from the
garden and carry it with me for the day. I actually carry it from room to
room, carry it in my pocket if going outside, and also take it with me in
my car. Each time I feel or see the rock - I am reminded to pray for that
God is our Rock and help in time of trials. The "Rock" is a sweet
reminder of that as I pray for others, helping me not to be overwhelmed
with the situations that come in need of prayer.
When I have specific answer to my prayers, I turn the rock over and draw a
small heart on the other side to remind me of answered prayers.
It thought it was adorable a few weeks ago when my granddaughter, Paige,
brought me one of my special rocks and said,"Nana! You left "Sarah" by
your computer!" This was Sarah's (our webservant of the SSTN) special
rock. Paige knew that wherever I was that day, Sarah would be prayed for
if I had her rock with me - and she didn't want me to forget! (By the way
- Sarah's rock has several hearts on the back - PTL!
I plan on having the kids in JR Church write their names on rocks and
share a special request they may have for prayer. Then the kids will trade
rocks - carrying them with them to pray that week for the other person. I
will instruct them to bring them back and check for answers to prayer
(adding hearts when appropriate) and trade the rocks again and again.
It has been fun to see my "garden" grow -- and this one I don't have to
worry about dying! I do find that I have found myself "watering" them from
time to time -- with tears ;o)
Joyfully Serving HIM
Emmalea Butler
Trafalgar, IN

--from SSTN: I absolutely love this idea and really appreciate being your
rock! What an honor! YSIC, sarah <><

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7) Used Materials Scam

Many of you responded with disappointment regarding the scamming of
subscribers in the exchange of used materials, which is very
understandable. But we shouldn't be surprised by this; Jesus warned us
that there would be wolves and weeds among us. There are better forums for
exchanging used materials to be found on google.com. Someone even
suggested using Ebay. In the long run, look at the positive side, this
will free up space in SSTN for the direct exchange of our OWN ideas. ;o)  

I also suggest that you find needy churches in your own area to donate
your used materials to.

Your Webservant,
Sarah Keith <><
ChristianCrafters.Com - "Home of the Sunday School Network"

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8) Discipline in Van

Of course u have to have to have rules in the car at any time... even on
the way to bible study. otherwise some kids wont even click the seat belt.
there's nothing wrong with demandint respect for others while in your
care.we teach the children by example and yes by having rules that they
have to follow. Good luck

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9) Santa in Christmas Program?

I am getting a jump on Christmas.  I was wondering if any of you have
ideas or know of a Christmas program that would take 30-40 minutes to do
that includes Santa.  I would love to do it this year in my Church.

Thank you,
Michelle Jerome from South Dakota

--from SSTN: there is one in the Skits section at:

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10) Father / Child Banquet

I attend a Church of the Nazarene. instead of having a father/child
banquet, i have decided on a father/child barbeque which I think the
Fathers will enjoy more. Post this idea on the website, so that other
churches may want to do this. Let me know what the others decide.  

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-->  Fruit of the Spirit - Summer Series

Learn more on the following page:


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11) Discipline in the van

I don't think you're being unreasonable about having rules in your car
pool. Kids need rules wherever they go.  It makes things nicer for everybody.


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12) Discipline in the van

I don't think it's unreasonable to have car rules on the way to Bible
Study. If this child is going to hear the word of God, the way to prepare
for it is NOT by using language that is inappropriate. We are not
followers of a God who says 'Anything goes'. We are told to Love God and
Love our neighbours. In your car, loving your neighbour (the very one who
is giving you a lift!) means not using inappropriate language. Spell it
out - and stick to your word.


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13) Church Picnic Idea.

Have you played volley ball???  Try this variation of it. Divide into
teams as usual.  Make sure you have an even number of players per team so
you can pair them up (four or five pairs per team are generally enough)
Give each pair ONE towel having them hold the corners of the towel so it
stetches long ways between them. Have a supply (I usually have to black
garbage bags filled with balloons) of water balloons filled and ready. 
Place one balloon in the beginning server's  towel.  This couple, using
the towel, swing the balloon up and over the net.  A couple on the other
team should attempt to catch the balloon with their towel...if they do,
they toss it back.  If they don't catch it....splash! and the throwing
team gets the point!  Great game...keeps you cool and gives lots of
laughter....Dianne, AL

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14) Bear Ideas?

I wrote in about doing the camping themed VBS this summer.
We are going to have someone dressed as a bear each night,
and I would like any ideas for what that person can do.  Can
be funny or lesson oriented. Any ideas??
Thank you,

--from SSTN: Use a concordance for the word "bear". You will be pleasantly
surprised how many "bear" verses you will find! Hopefully this will get
your creative juices flowing!
(ie.  "A good tree cannot bear bad fruit"; "We who are strong ought to
bear with the failings of the weak"; "he will not let you be tempted
beyond what you can bear.")

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15) Camping Theme VBS


I have some activities, crafts, food suggestions etc. from the lesson I
created about Wandering in the Dessert.  Maybe it would help you with your
camping themed VBS.   If you would like to have a copy of these, please
e-mail me at scioart@yahoo.com.,

Connie G.


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