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SSTN # 50 - June 3, 2005

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No Cost VBS / Bible Club Series...

1) Luau Theme
2) Note Lord's vineyard
3) Fruit of the Spirit Extravaganza?
4) Memory Verses?
5) Toddling With Christ?

--> Armor of God Summer Series

6) Toddler resources
7) W.S.F.J. - We Shine For Jesus?
8) Child Sent Out
9) Mother's Day Poem
10) Songs & Skits

-->  Fruit of the Spirit - Summer Series

11) Rewards Growth Chart
12) Mother's Day poem
13) Prodigal son parable
14) Youth Lock-In Service?
15) Song: How Did Moses Cross the Red Sea?

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No Cost VBS / Bible Club Series: The LORD Is My Shepherd

This complimentary five day VBS series can also be used in
10-12 one hour class sessions. A great resource for summer Bible lessons!
Learn more in the VBS / Bible Club section at:


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1) Luau Theme

Jesus said come unto me and I will make you fishers of men.  Great Bible
stories occour on the water.  We made paper lies from colored construction
paper and all kinds of fishing games with caught fish that had Bible
verses printed on them.  Bright neon colors and goldfish in the plastic
pond.  Hope this helps.  Gloria in Arizona

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2) Note Lord's vineyard

To all you wonderful people in the Lord's vineyard.
Thank you for all the great inputs and the creative ideas I have been
reading about in these last couple of newsletters.
I am a new additon to this super website, which I came upon quite by
chance, and I thank Our dear Lord above for leading me here as it were.
The creative ways expressed by so many of you in teaching the gospel
message and making Jesus come alive to kids is amazing. As a new hand, so
to speak, in Catechising children, this is a breath of fresh air from the
seemingly routine pattern of teaching I have been more familiar with. God
bless you all for sharing this and making it possible for novices in the
field like myself, to  make The Word come alive to children  of all ages.
The day camp ideas too are invaluable! They gave me some very good
pointers for planning a session with kids, as I would need to do come July
this year.
For all of you who might be wondering yet, I hail from Mumbai in India,
and belong to the Parish of the Sacred Heart in Santa Cruz . The outreach
of the internet is certainly wide spread and such a blessing to so many of
Thank you once again dear sisters in Christ,
Audry Pinto.

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3) Fruit of the Spirit Extravaganza?

We are having a Fruit of the Spirit Extravaganza with a fruit fashion show
and fruit hors d'oeuvres and songs.  We are going to having a drawing to
give away "fruit prizes" (fruit basket, apple peeler, fruit soap -
anything fruit related).  We want to also have a set up to play some games
in the style of games you'd play at the fair and let our kids run the
"booths" for each game.  Any ideas for games we could play.  I've come up
with tossing fruit into baskets and "pin the stem on the fruit".  This is
an event our kids are putting on for the adults in our church.  Thanks.  

--from SSTN: check out the Fruit of the Spirit Activities on the following
page:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/sermons.html 

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4) Memory Verses?

I have a class of 15. I teach my kids a memory verse that summarises the
day's lesson. I am just wondering how best I can make them memorise these
verses because I can end up having between 5 and 10 memory verses in a
single term. I would be very grateful if you can bring up suggestions.

God Bless,

--from SSTN: check out the Memory Verse ideas in the Lessons & Sermons
section at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/sermons.html 

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5) Toddling With Christ?

This is a question for Heidi who does the Toddling With Christ classes.
I am very very interested in starting something like this in my church.
It is really traumatic for a lot of our 3 year olds to start going to
sunday school... This would be a great thing for them and for the
parents to do. Could you email me and let me know, how you have it set
up, what you do and so on and so forth. Thanks
Marion, WI

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--> Armor of God Summer Series

Learn more on the following page:


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6) Toddler resources

The Bible Pray & Play books are great for 3-4 year olds. You can find them
in Bookstore Bibles section at:

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7) W.S.F.J. - We Shine For Jesus?

This year we are using the W.S.F.J. - We Shine For Jesus Vacation Bible
School Program, that originally came out in 1999. Does anyone remember the
Songs, Crafts, or Memory Verses for this theme? The only thing we have is
a Lesson & Skit book. Any help or other ideas would be greatly
appreciated! Our VBS is coming upon us very quickly! Here is my email if
you have any leads! tmmygrl36@yahoo.com   Thank you for this great site,
it has helped me in many times of need!
Emily from Michigan

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8) Child Sent Out

I don't know what the answer is, but a child who cries and then gets to go
be with Mom or Dad learns that crying will get him what he wants at church
and will likely cry every time after that...It's a cycle they've created
with their "policy" unfortunately. Until your son knows that he will not
get to come be with you when he cries, he is probably going to continue to
cry in the Nursery. I really think the policy needs to be changed! I've
never heard of a "no cry" policy for babies...


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9) Mother's Day Poem

I wrote this poem several years ago and you're welcome to use it (next
year!) :o)   I put it with a packet of seeds in the kids' handmade

These seeds are here for me and you
And, Mommy, here's what we can do...
Together we'll search until we've found
A spot to plant them in the ground.
With rain and sunshine, don't you know,
Our flowers, like our love, will grow!
A constant reminder our flowers will be
That I love Mommy and she loves me!

For Father's Day, check out
http://www.whnazarene.org/ss/children/childrensworkers.dsp for a poem I
wrote to be put on a card for Dad.


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10) Songs & Skits

Check out http://www.freewebs.com/trainemup and click on the Links page.
About half way down the page you'll find a bunch of links to free skits!
Just under that, you'll find a bunch more links to free music online!

I have also found it useful to make up new words to familiar tunes...You
can find a few of my songs at
http://www.whnazarene.org/ss/children/childrensworkers.dsp Click on


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-->  Fruit of the Spirit - Summer Series

Learn more on the following page:


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11) Rewards Growth Chart

We did a kind of growth chart and with each reward they move up the chart
with a smiley sticker.  Then at a given "growth" point they could pick
from the treasure chest. (memory verse, Bible, guest, etc). We ask parents to
contribute items at the beginning so that they would be acceptable.  It
was attainable within 3 weeks if all went well...just a bit of a carrot!

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12) Mother's Day poem

Thanks for the web sites on Dr. Temple grandin.

My daughter brought this poem home 20 years ago. I did it with my
kindergarten class this Mother's Day. Trace the child's hand in a bright
color in the center and add some small flowers in top left corner and
bottom right corner. Have children color with colored pencils. Write
child's name and year in lower right corner.

Excuse this House

Some houses try to hide the fact
That children shelter there.
Ours boast of it quite openly.
The signs are everywhere...

(for the rest of this poem email: Stepp0278@aol.com )

Hope this works for you as good as it did for me.

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13) Prodigal son parable

I used this with the Prodigal son parable. I took masking tape and made a
maze. If you go outside you could use sidewalk chalk to make the maze. If
you have time, you can have the children make the maze. I choose two teams
and had them make their mazes and connect them. I got them together and
told them we were going to play a trick on my teenage helper (He was in on
it, although the kids didn't know). We blindfolded him and I told him to
listen to me tell him give him directions about how to follow the maze.
The kids all yelled and gave him conflicting directions and he followed
them instead of me. One of them tried to get him to go out the door! The
kids had a blast. I then got them together and we talked about the
prodigal son and how he did what he wanted and what others wanted him to
do instead of listening to the voice of God. We get in trouble when we
don't listen.
Jerry from Oklahoma.

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14) Youth Lock-In Service?

I would truly appreciate any suggestions as to hosting a Youth Lock-In

--from SSTN: make sure you check the archives too:

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15) Song: How Did Moses Cross the Red Sea?

Could anyone help me with the words to a song "How Did
Moses Cross the Red Sea"?  I know almost all of them,
but I have forgotten all the chorus.  Any help would
be appreciated----I need it before June 1 if possible.
Thank you so much!
gayle in amarillo

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