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SSTN # 51 - June 4, 2004

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1) A.B.C. - VBS
2) Summer Bible Reading Program
3) Reading Club
4) Rickshaw Rally

USA Patriotic Catcher

5) Parish Student Textbooks
6) F.R.O.G.
7) F.R.O.G.
8) Summer Reading Program

Summertime Fun Lessons

9) Mulberry Bush / Old Test. Song?
10) F.R.O.G.
11) Used VBS Materials?
12) Music for VBS?

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1) A.B.C. - VBS

A new three day VBS program has been added to the site. Find it listed on
the home page under our  F-R-E-E  Featured Resources at:

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2) Summer Bible Reading Program

Why not slow down a bit and concentrate on doing a couple of
things well instead of starting a bunch of things you can't finish.
Paper chains for attendance, book or story read, bringing a friend,
bringing a Bible work well - kids love to get their chains longer than
anyone else. On a bulletin board put each kids' name and start their
chain.   Have the kids make their own "story Bible" using plain typing
paper and crayons or markers to re-tell the Bible story they've been
reading - would work at any age. Murals also a good idea.  Why
not try and get some of the older folks to help read the story as a
one on one for relationship building? Some folks could act out the
story or read dramatically. I would advise since this is your first
experience in doing this to keep things simple and realistic. You have
a great idea that could grow into a wonderful program, especially
in this day of  lack of interest in reading (as most kids prefer TV or
videos).  Ask at your public library for ideas of their summer Story
Or pick a theme:  Bible Heroes, Animal Stories, etc. and decorate your
reading corner appropriately - use an overhead to make pictures on the
wall. Use clip art or appropriate pictures on certificates or book marks
as incentives to read more.  Let me know if I helped at all.
In Christ - NFlohr5948@verizon.net

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3) Reading Club
If you plan to have all the children read the same stories, have an
activity - craft, coloring, game, etc - to go with the story for the
I think a chart with each child's name on it would be a good incentive -
let them put a sticker by their name everytime they complete a book.
You may keep a log for each child - keep a coloring page or picture for
each story that the child reads.  At the end of the summer make them into
a book and let them present it to their parents.
I hope this helps - if it is not clear, email me at hadley_white@yahoo.com
with "reading club" as the subject.
In Him,

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4) Rickshaw Rally

>I would like some ideas for decorations and crafts for our VBS, Rickshaw
>Rally, "Racing to the Son" anyone with ideas or suggestions?

This website has alot of pictures and descriptions of what this church has
already done and made.  There are several links to get more ideas too.
I hope that you find what you need.

In His service,
Donna in Arkansas

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USA Patriotic Catcher

With the "USA Patriotic Catcher" kids will learn the answers to eight
basic USA citizenship questions such as, "Why did the Pilgrims come to
America?"; What is the US Constitution?, and "What does the First
Amendment guarantee?". A great activity for Memorial Day or July 4th!
Kids can make it and take it home!

Learn more at:
(you may need to copy and paste the address to your browser)

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5) Parish Student Textbooks

Sadlier's "Coming to Faith" Parish textbook and teacher guides for grades
1-6.  We are currently switching to whole parish catechesis and will no
longer be using our textbooks.  There are approximately 20 textbooks for
each grade along with 2 teacher guides.  I am looking for a place to
donate these textbooks.  I am in southern Minnesota.  If you or someone
you know of could use these books, please contact me at achm@chartermi.net
Thank you.  annette

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6) F.R.O.G.

You could use the New Life frog puppet and skit from

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7) F.R.O.G.

I don't remember where I found this idea, but it was on-line somewhere. I
bought swim fins and had the kids do relay races wearing them. They
thought this was the most fun. The fins come in different sizes and aren't
too expensive. (I bought smaller ones for the smaller children.) I also
found frog craft ideas at http://www.daniellesplace.com
and http://www.dltk-kids.com  I get a lot of great ideas from both of
these web-sites.
I also found a book on how tadpoles change into frogs. Read it to the kids
as a large group and had a question and answer period with them. Talking
about how just as the tadpoles go through changes to become a frog so do
young children as they grow in their Christian faith. I thought this was a
good time to mention the growth chart to becoming adult members at our
church. (Baptism, 3rd grade bible handout, 5th grade communion class,
confirmation in 8th grade,) I'm sure once you start seeing some others
ideas. Your own ideas will start flowing. Have fun!  
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8) Summer Reading Program

We had a summer reading program a few years ago and it was wonderful.  We
didn't have enough teachers to staff the Sunday school that summer, so we
a special reading time on Sunday morning, for 30 minutes before the
worship service.  The parents and other adults had a fellowship time while
the kids were reading in the Library.  I had an adult volunteer to read
each week-- a Bible-related story book, and then the corresponding Bible
verses from the Bible.  The kids got a bookmark each week, with the days
of the week printed on it. Their parents had to initial it every day when
they read their Bible (or Bible storybooks).  Then they brought it back
the next week for a sticker to put on the progress chart, which was posted
in the foyer where EVERYONE could see it and congratulate them, and also
a small token prize (like a small piece of candy or baggie of goldfish).
At the end of the summer we gave out prizes (books for everyone who turned
in a bookmark, and other prizes for accomplishments).  We included all
children, babies through 12th grade...we wanted to emphasize that reading
the Bible should start from the cradle, not in Sunday School!   
Most of the work was getting it organized to start...getting a volunteer
schedule, get the bookmarks made, copied & cut, and the progress chart
made...but it was a great summer for all of us.
C. Adams

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Summertime Fun Lessons

What can bugs teach children about Jesus? More than you think! In "Buggie
For Jesus - I'm a BEE-liever", children will learn important Bible truths
using hands-on buggie crafts, games, lessons, and yummy devotions. Great
for mid-week or a refreshing change of pace during the Sunday School
hour! Learn more in the Curriculum Creatives store at:

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9) Mulberry Bush / Old Test. Song?

I am currently teaching the preschool class at church. I would like to
teach the children the books of the Bible. I know that several years ago I
had a copy of the Books of the Old Testament that was sung to the tune
"All Around the Mulberry Bush". I also would like to find a simple song
for the books of the New Testament. I do not read music, so I need
something that is sung to a fairly common song.
Thanks for any assistance.
Yours in Christ
Marge A

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10)  F.R.O.G.

We have a very small church and we are trying a one day VBS using the
F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely On God) Any help and/or ideas would be greatly

We recently had a F.R.O.G. party at our church and it was a great success.
We invited a local pet store to bring in frogs in various stages of
development plus other amphibians to share with the kids, they really
loved this! We made F.R.O.G. zipper pulls with the alphabet beads and
encouraged the kids to put them on their backpacks or coats and when
someone asked about it tell them what F.R.O.G. stands for. We also did
frog games, leap frog, etc. and I made a frog shaped cake and we had cake
and ice cream at the end of the party. Hope this helps. Jeannine   

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11) Used VBS Materials?

We are a very small church and we want to do avbs but we don't have funds
for that i want to know i sombody want's to donate old used good stuff
that we can use if so please respond maybe we can get in touch by phone.
thank you Martha

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12) Music for VBS?


This year our church has decided not to purchase VBS materials, but to
create our own theme, lessons & crafts.  I have been asked to play the
piano during Music Time.  I could use a few suggestions on songs for
children 4 to 12 years old.  I will need to purchase music sheets.  God
bless you and thanks in advance.

Ahreita-  Charlotte, NC

--from SSTN: Once you know your theme, it will help to determine your
music. My personal favorites are "Group's Singable Songs" and "Kids on the
Rock". Both items may be found in the music section of our bookstore at:

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