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SSTN  # 71- July 3, 2002

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1) No building...can't decorate...what to do
2) No building...can't decorate
3) Mother's Day Poem
4) Christian Wall Murals?
5) Book series
6) No building...can't decorate...what to do
7) Christian Comic resource for SSTN
8) Teachers Appreciation Day....How to do it?
9) Motivating Teachers...youth directors
10) Confirmation curriculum-what works
11) Youth Director Help?   
12) Amazing Amazon VBS?

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1) No building...can't decorate...what to do

Dear Dorie, We were in a school building for 5 years, during this time I
had a calling to be a teacher. During the first few months I ran into
the problems you are having. I found that through prayer the Lord
gave me the solutions to most of my problems, I was nervous that I
would not being teaching the right thing or not getting through to
the kids. We used Lifeway cirriculum and what I did, because they
do send you all the display for each month and all the verses. I
found it to be overwhelming because I felt like all of this stuff
needed to be displayed in order to have a meaningful lesson each
week, but of course putting it up and taking it down became a big
chore every Sunday. I prayed alot on this subject and the answer
was given to me and it was so simple. You can purchase a science
project board, it is a tri-fold board made of card board so it is
light weight and it was big enough for me to display the things I
needed to. The kids in 5-8 grade use them every year in school
this is where I got my board. Check with a teacher supply place
they should have them or be able to order them. I covered mine
with clear contact paper to make it last longer. Then each month I
would set up my board with what I needed from week to week. I
would display the last week on the back for a reminder and the new
stuff on the front. It really helped the kids because they knew to
expect it every week. I hope this helps. GOD BLESS YOUR EFFORTS
Veronica at vjordan@ev1.net

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2) No building...can't decorate   

Just getting responses to my query has helped so much. Nita Gilliate, I
would enjoy corresponding with you. My e-mail address is
attoegirl@hotmail.com. In all fairness we probably should post most things
on SSTN's pages in order to help others, but I still would talk with
anyone  who wants to discuss this issue. Your ideas (and your listening)
have helped tremendously. Thank you all.

--from SSTN: you make a very good point. Had these ideas been discussed
off-network, then anyone else with the same problem wouldn't have been
helped either. Not to mention, they wouldn't have been added to the
Archives List (a searchable database of ideas). Thank you for using SSTN
for your exchange. ysic, sarah keith <><

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3) Mother's Day Poem    

Just had a bit of a different version of the Mother's Day Poem; I wanted
to use both foot and hand prints and to add God's touch as well and came
up with the following:

You're always cleaning foot and handprints that I leave on the floors and
walls. It seems I make a make a mess of things because I am so small.
The years will pass so quickly though, I'll soon be grown like you
and all my foot and handprints will surely fade from view.
So here are some special prints, a sign of God's creation, for a memory
that's true and a way to now recall God's gift and this very day I made
these just for you.

Becky Shevlin, Monrovia, CA

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4) Christian Wall Murals

Does anyone know where I can find wall murals with a Christian subject
matter? I am on a committee to decorate our church hall. We are
particularly interested in scenes with the Disciples or the Last Supper. I
have searched on the internet, but I haven't had much success. Any help
would be greatly appreciated!

Kim H.

--from SSTN: use an overhead projector. Copy a picture onto an overhead
sheet, then project the image onto a wall. Trace and paint the image on
the wall. Make sure the pics you use are not infringing copyrights. ysic,

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5) Book series

>I am trying to locate a series of reproducible books. the Publisher is
>Arthur L Miley and the company is Rainbow books,in San Diego. They are
>called Colouring plus Activities,Heroes of the Bible,The Bible teaches...

In response to Shirley's inquiry.  I have done web searches and
found out the publisher's name for these books.  Sent an e-mail to
the publisher and found out they were out of print.  I asked if I could
reproduce them on a copy machine sfter explaining what they would
be used for (my Sunday School) class and they granted me permission
to reproduce them.  That didn't break any copyright rules.  Don't know
if this will help in your circumstances.  If you have a set of the books,
the inside or backside copy should have the publisher's name.

Hope it works out for you.

Linda Rife
Kingsport, TN

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6) No building...can't decorate...what to do

> >My problem is that I can't decorate a room, or set up
> >learning centers or have anything permanent. I have to haul my supplies
> >and materials back and forth every week.

I have a similar problem so have brainstormed about this very thing.....
One thing you might try is to use a plain sheet to decorate.  Hang your
posters, and pictures up on it, attaching them with staples, or a quick
stitch..   A portion of the sheet could actually be covered with a square
of felt for a flannel board area.
You can put the sheet up on a wall with quilters' tacks, for instant
classroom atmosphere. and roll it up when you are done, ready for next
week! If you wanted a surface that you could tape to, use a plastic shower
curtain or tablecloth instead of a sheet.
Hope that helps!
dee in MO

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7) Christian Comic resource for SSTN

> I'm still looking for a supplier of Christian comics.  I know they exist,
> because I have some old ones!

Through a search, I found a page that gives lots of info about the comics
from the past:  http://www.gospelcom.net/rox35media/noteable.html 

dee in MO

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8) Teachers Appreciation Day....How to do it?   

I plan to recognize our Sunday School teachers by having Teacher
Appreciation Day on September. This is the first time the church will have
the recognition. Please give some suggestion how to do it.
Thank you.

--from SSTN: type "Appreciation" into the Archives List search box. You'll
be amazed at how many ideas you'll find: 

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9) Motivating Teachers...youth directors

Hi and thanks to you for a great Christian resource! To the lady who is
looking for a way to motivate her Sunday school teachers- go to the
Christian skits  section and read "The Servant" and perform it for your
church. Wow. Powerful! 
Also, I don't know what is going on with these youth directors. Our old
church had one who used the church for a dating service and made a fool
out of several of the young women. Many of us wondered why he didn't get
fired- but he is a good musician and was quite entertaining.
He's still there but we aren't!   Agape- Linda

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10) Confirmation curriculum-what works

> am in charge of writing/finding a new Confirmation curriculum
>for next fall. Any ideas??

We used Faith Inkubators for four years with very good success.  Our
Pastor led the bi-weekly sessions. The kids divided up into small groups
with their guides for discussion.  We had a Fellowship and Service project
each month.  During the Sunday School hour, students and their guides
worked on the projects that were due for presentation during the following
Confirmation evening class.  Students and their guides developed into
close knit groups.  Faith Inkubators requires a dynamic person to be in
charge and to lead the sessions, otherwise it doesn't work.  With a change
in pastors, we no longer use Faith Inkubators and still have not settled
on a new program.

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11) Youth Director Help?   

The following was posted in Archive 59_June02 and I was wondering if the
person who wrote it could reply to me by e-mail (macdon@n-jcenter.com)
with the name of this Youth/Music Minister who was asked to leave.  Our
church is experiencing difficulty with its music minister also; wouldn't
it be odd if he were one and the same?

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12) Amazing Amazon VBS    ?

We are a fairly small church that will be hosting a one day  (Saturday)
VBS in mid to late July using the "Amazing Amazon" VBS curriculum.  Does
anyone have any decorations or suggestions that your church would be willing to
either "donate" or "lend" to us to use?  We are on a very limited budget,
but would like to make it as exciting and realistic for the children as
possible.  If you have any ideas or supplies that could be donated, please
contact me at aestes@brierley.com.

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