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SSTN # 96 - October 26, 2004

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--> Holiday FUN-draising

1) VOTE....Nov. 2
2) Christians and Halloween
3) Wildlife Craft Ideas
4) Wildlife Rubber Stamp & Game

--> Christmas FunPak

5) Painting class room
6) Christmas plays?
7) I need some advise
8) Halloween and Christians' Poll


9) Posting & Used materials
10) Christians shouldn't celebrate Halloween
11) Halloween and Christians' Poll
12) Lyrics & music for preschoolers

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Holiday FUN-draising

This holiday season raise funds for your youth group, school, church,
or even for yourself by selling Sarah Keith's popular Christmas crafting
book, "Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments"!    Learn how on this page:


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1) VOTE...Nov. 2
It is so important that Christian teachers vote. Did you know that between
3 and 4 million evangelical Christians* did not vote in the USA 2000
elections? We cannot complain about, or be surprised by, the spiritual
decay in our world if we do not participate in the process of electing our
leaders. I want to urge my fellow Christian teachers to vote for
leaders (locally and nationally) whose platforms are most closely aligned
with Scripture.
"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray
and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from
heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
2 Chronicles 7:14.
USA teachers, exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 2.
Email this message to your friends and coworkers!
Your Webservant,
Sarah Keith <><
"Home of the Sunday School Network"

* According to PBS-Frontline (PBS.org) in an interview with Richard Cizik,
vice president for governmental affairs for the National Association of

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2) Christians and Halloween

> why Christians don't celebrate Halloween.
> If you have the answer please let me know, because I am a Christian and I
> lOVE Halloween.

Thanks for your response, Joni.  I feel the same way.  Each Halloween some
people try to put down the celebration because they have interpreted it to
be anti-Christian.  It originated from All Hallows Eve, the day before All
Saints Day.  On All Hallows Eve, scarey things and mask were used to scare
away bad spirits before the celebration of All Saints Day.  It is not a
pagan origin unless you make it one.

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3) Wildlife Craft Ideas

>Any other wildlife craft ideas would be welcome, as well as other
>"outdoorsy" type crafts.

Hi Kari:
You don't say where you are.  I work with a wildlife group in San Diego,
California.  We have education programs that come to churches, schools,
etc.  We usually have an age limit though.  I believe it is Kindergarten
and above.  If there is someone in your area you could have them come out
and bring animals.  As far as projects, during the spring and the summer
we love it when schools and churches provide necessary items for rehabbing
such as paper towels, toilet paper and strawberrry baskets. (baby birds) 
You can go to our website http://www.projectwildlife.org/  and hit the
resource button and it should give you someone in your area.  If not you
can go to
http://www.wildlife-international.org/  or
http://www.tc.umn.edu/devo0028/ .
God bless,

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4) Wildlife Rubber Stamp & Game

>Any other wildlife craft ideas would be welcome, as well as other
>"outdoorsy" type crafts.

Create rubber stamps of critter-shaped footprints, then stamp your designs
onto frames, pottery, t-shirts, etc. Check out the "Stamp Roller" method
for creating a stamp in the crafts section at:
This would require a bit of research to learn about animal footprints, but
could be a fun activity. This craft could be tied into "walking as Jesus
walked" or "following in the footsteps of Jesus". You could also make a
scavenger hunt game using the footprints. Players would have to follow
each set of animal foot prints to find the matching animal.

Please let SSTN know how your lesson turns out!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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--> Christmas FunPak

Great for gift-giving or Christmas crafting fun. Click on the
"Christmas FunPak" link in the Christmas and Advent section at:


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5) Painting class room

yes we have in the past two years painted our two class rooms in one we
used an overhead of Noah's ark and the other we have as a veggie tales
room with a picture of the whole gang
the kids just love the fun theme room now we say go to Noah's room or the
veggie room and there is no confusion.

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6) Christmas plays?

Good morning. Is it possible that you can provide me with Christmas plays
for the children church, age between 4 and 10 years.

May God richly bless you
Yours Faithfully
Roselle Marais

--from SSTN: you can find plays and skits on this page:
as well as in the Bookstore Games & Skits section:

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7) I need some advise

>I am constantly are being put down from my church family. 
>It has gotten so bad, I have missed church, and my self esteem, has gone
>so low. They have laughed in my face and has talked about me behind my
>back. I feel as  though I am a loss call.

Oh Lord Jesus, forgive us our trespasses, our sins, our offenses against
one another.  Help us also to forgive those who constantly make life
difficult, painful and challenging to us week after week.  Help us to love
one another as Your Word declares to us.  The Church has some major
difficulty loving one another, please teach us how to Love.  Help us to
see people from Your perspective.  Help us to speak words of LIFE into
each other, by saying words that will edify and not destroy.  Restore your
people Father.  I bring to you the author of this submitted email below. 
Heal this person Father and lead him/her to stand tall where you have
placed him/her.  Show this person that his/her value comes from YOU, not
from the applause or the approval of people.  Heal the wounds this person
has endured, and praise YOUR holy name through this Child of Yours and all
of us who stand in faith of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.&nbs p;

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8) Halloween and Christians' Poll

I am over 35, we won't say how much, ha ha, and absolutely at no time did
we ever consider halloween anything but fun!  I don't remember our church
ever saying anything negative about this holiday.  Peggy Pena

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An Advent celebration of 31 crafts and recipes.
To learn more, go to:


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9) Posting & Used materials

I will accept all used materials and send them on to missionaries, both
foreign and home.

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10) Christians shouldn't celebrate Halloween

What the Bible says about "halloween":


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11) Halloween and Christians' Poll

>For anyone 35 years and older, I am interested in hearing and learning if
>Halloween was considered a forbidden holiday by your church

I am 58, and when I was little it was not forbidden...and I tried many
different churches, Methodist, Morman, Baptist.....  It was just another
fun holiday.  The church never made a big deal of it like they do today.

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12) Lyrics & music for preschoolers


Linda in Ohio

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