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CD - Christmas Cards

1. SUPPLIES: a compact disk and decorative supplies of your choice (If you mail it, save the original cardboard envelope it came in, make one from poster board, or purchase one in the stationary isle of the store. You may use any mailing envelope it might have come it, but the postage will be higher).
2. PRINTED SIDE: Cover with a circle of paper, decorative label printed on your computer, or photo.
3. SHINY SIDE: decorate but be sure to leave some shiny surface to reflect light on the tree. Use t-shirt paints in pointed bottles, stickers, permanent markers, a photo in the very center, or whatever you have on hand.
4. HANGER HOLE: Either make a hole with a drill or melt a hole by heating a nail you are holding with pliers over a candle until it's hot enough.
5. TIE A PRETTY STRING through the hole before mailing.
6. POSTAGE should be added after weighing the envelope on a postal scale

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