Christmas Story Game 

Right and Left

Instructions: Pass a small gift to the RIGHT or to the LEFT when  you hear those words spoken in the story of Christmas, below. The last person holding the gift at the end of the story wins! You can also use this idea by writing your own story for any time of year.

Alternate ideas: keep passing the gift like a "hot potato" until you hear the word, then reverse direction. That way bigger groups could get more people involved. 

You could also write a story, with a spiritual emphasis, about spring cleaning for a ladies gathering. "Create in me a clean heart O God and renew a RIGHT spirit within me" Psalm 51:10.

The Christmas Story
"We all know the story of Christmas well, but we must never forget that it is RIGHT to think about and remember and share with our children the reason for the season. No detail we have learned through the years should be LEFT out to tell the story RIGHT. If we get the details wrong, we should tell each other what is RIGHT - because everyone wants to be RIGHT when we tell the story. So here goes this year's rendition - so listen up for what is RIGHT and then you can have a turn to tell the story and share what was LEFT out!

God had a plan RIGHT from the beginning of time. GOD is always RIGHT and never wrong in HIS decisions. HE knew we could not live a life that would be RIGHT on all counts in HIS eyes. Even if we think we are RIGHT, by saying the RIGHT things and doing everything RIGHT with our lives, we are only deceiving ourselves and sadly - we will be LEFT out when we think we will go RIGHT to heaven when we die. So - GOD did the RIGHT thing when HE sent HIS Son, JESUS, to be born and live RIGHT here on earth.

First of all, Mary was not LEFT out of God's plan. She was doing the best she could to live a RIGHT life and God noticed that. He decided she would be the RIGHT woman to be the mother of JESUS. God chose Gabriel to be the messenger to tell Mary about God's plan. 

Gabriel LEFT heaven as soon as he was told to go. He LEFT the other angels behind. He did what was RIGHT. Many other angels might have LEFT heaven too, but it was not the RIGHT time for them to leave.

Gabriel explained to Mary that God knew she was trying to do RIGHT and her efforts would not be LEFT unrewarded. Mary would not be LEFT out of God's plan to send a Savior to earth. In fact she was RIGHT where she was suppose to be and doing everything RIGHT... RIGHT NOW. Mary wanted to continue to do RIGHT in God's eyes. She didn't want to be LEFT out of the exciting role for which God had chosen for her. And she was RIGHT to do that. Not being married would not be RIGHT at all to the people around her. 

Meanwhile, it seemed obvious that Joseph might feel LEFT out of God's plan. So, of course God didn't want him to be LEFT out, so he did the next RIGHT thing in his great plan. He sent the angel RIGHT on over to where Joseph was staying. The angel talked to Joseph RIGHT while he was sleeping. God had not LEFT even small details out of His great plan.

It wasn't long until the news came that all should be taxed RIGHT away. Mary and Joseph LEFT where they were staying to go to Nazareth. This was RIGHT where they needed to go for the census. No one could be LEFT out of the census. 

Mary rode RIGHT on top of the donkey for the trip. RIGHT next to her was Joseph, taking care that nothing was LEFT out to keep Mary as comfortable as possible. Don't you bet that the donkey wished they had LEFT a few of their things behind? I wonder if there was more on the LEFT side of the donkey?

If so, they might have walked in a circle. It doesn't matter what we think, because GOD would not have things LEFT out of HIS plan. When GOD makes plans, it always turns out RIGHT.

Although the trip had to be difficult, Mary and Joseph kept moving RIGHT along. When they were tired, they kept RIGHT on going. Even if they were hungry and thirsty, they kept RIGHT on going. They moved RIGHT along until they had to stop or they would surely be LEFT too tired to be able to go on. RIGHT ahead was the small town of Bethlehem. They could see both sides of the town as they came RIGHT on top of the hill. There were people everywhere, to the RIGHT and to the LEFT. They could see small inns to the LEFT and RIGHT too. I'm not sure whether Joseph decided to go to the inns on his LEFT or not. Maybe he did go to his LEFT. And when he did, he discovered he was not on the RIGHT track, because so many others had come too, that now Joseph and Mary would be LEFT out. There was no place to stay on the LEFT side of town, so Joseph decided since they were LEFT out, he would go to the inns on the RIGHT side of town. So instead of going on to his LEFT in town, he turned RIGHT around and headed to his RIGHT. He went RIGHT past the inns that had no room for him and RIGHT on to some on the RIGHT side of town. He walked RIGHT up to the door, door after door he knocked and asked if they had one room LEFT for Mary. But everywhere they asked, they were LEFT out. 

Finally, it was obvious that Mary needed rest RIGHT now! As Joseph LEFT the last innkeeper on the RIGHT side of town, the innkeeper saw that Mary needed rest RIGHT now too and told Joseph to go RIGHT behind the inn to the stable. It would be safe and warm, but they would be sleeping RIGHT there next to the animals. This too was RIGHT in line with God's plan. It was RIGHT there; in the lowliest place RIGHT in the middle of Bethlehem, that God orchestrated the most wonderful gift to be presented to the world. RIGHT there, in a manger, RIGHT where the animals ate their food, there was enough soft hay LEFT to make a bed for the new baby. The animals moved RIGHT over and made room and warmth for the new family. Imagine the sweet smell of hay RIGHT there were you would lay your new baby. And just a few feet away from the baby, RIGHT next to the stable wall, the animals had LEFT their droppings! The smells could have been RIGHT strong at times! BUT,  RIGHT there in the middle of the animal noises and smells was the sweetest moment of time for all mankind. RIGHT there among the animals, Mary and Joseph met GOD, Who LEFT heaven, to begin life as a man. RIGHT there in that tiny stable in Bethlehem was the only person who would do everything RIGHT HIS entire life!

Meanwhile, others were not LEFT out of God's plan. RIGHT outside Bethlehem were shepherds taking care of their sheep. They couldn't believe what they were seeing RIGHT before their very eyes! RIGHT in front of them was an angel! The angel told them to "FEAR NOT." Don't you think it would have been RIGHT hard to not be afraid RIGHT then? Not one of those shepherds LEFT their sheep. They froze, staring at the angel and listening. All of a sudden, RIGHT above them and as far as they could see around them, were more angels! More angels LEFT heaven! The Bible said it was a multitude of heavenly hosts. Were there any angels LEFT in heaven? Did they all earn the RIGHT to come to earth and lead the rejoicing when Jesus was born? 

The shepherds were probably knocked RIGHT off their feet when they saw and heard the angels. But as soon as they could they got RIGHT up and decided it would be the RIGHT thing to do to go and see this new baby, the KING of KINGS! They LEFT the hillside and went RIGHT to the stable to see this marvelous site. 

RIGHT there in the stable they found Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus--just like the angel had told them. The angel was RIGHT! I wonder what Mary thought to have animals RIGHT there next to her baby and then -- a bunch of rough looking shepherds show up in her stable/bedroom! BUT, we have to remember, this too was RIGHT along with the plan God made. There were no surprises. Just because we were LEFT out of knowing the details, we have to remember everything was exactly RIGHT that night.

Because of pictures on Christmas cards and in storybooks, I used to think the wise men showed up RIGHT at the same time the shepherds did. But, that isn't RIGHT. The wise men didn't bring their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to honor Jesus and pay homage until RIGHT about the time Jesus would have been around 2 years old. But that was part of God's plan too. The wise men were RIGHT on time! God had the simplest of mankind meet Jesus in a profoundly amazing way. RIGHT in the middle of nowhere--where the shepherds were LEFT alone and with no means of communication, angels appeared RIGHT before their eyes. But the wise men were not LEFT out either. They had studied and knew what was RIGHT. They understood things in the Bible, and in the stars. There were predictions that the wise men knew about and they found out the predictions were RIGHT! They were such smart men that even the kings knew they were RIGHT and believed what they said. 

King Herod had a plan too. But his plan was not RIGHT. The king was a jealous king and wanted no other person to be KING of KINGS. It wasn't RIGHT, but King Herod wanted to know where this baby was and wanted him killed. If that happened, God's plan would have been LEFT doomed. The king ordered all babies under the age of two to be killed! But because the wise men knew what was RIGHT, they did not tell King Herod where the child was living. God's plan was still RIGHT on track!

God wants ALL people to know about the miracles of HIS SON, Jesus. GOD wants each person to be RIGHT in heaven with Him. God does not want anyone LEFT behind. So whether we are simple people, rich or poor, or the really, really smart scientists, it is only RIGHT that we all hear about the Savior, how he came as a baby, lived a sinless and RIGHT life in God's eyes, and only Jesus could pay the penalty for our sins. It is His sacrifice that God sees as RIGHT and complete to pay for our sins. But we must ask for forgiveness and for Jesus to live in us and through us; then the Holy Spirit moves RIGHT in! It is then that we will finally be forgiven of our sins and be RIGHT in the sight of God to be in Heaven with HIM. Then we will not be LEFT with no hope.

Thank you, GOD, for your RIGHT and beautiful plan to include each of us." 
(Whoever has the gift at this point wins the prize and keeps it!)

Copyright 2010 Emmalea Butler

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