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Easter Games 

Easter Egg Game

Played like Hot Potato, but you don't mind getting 'out' because that's how you get a prize!

Empty Tomb  
Players compete on teams to be the first to empty their tomb

No Egg Easter Egg Hunt
A twist on a classic game.

Resurrection Egg Pass
Teams compete by passing their special eggs on spoons, then open them to tell the Easter story.

Scrambled Eggs
Players or teams race to unscramble eggs to spell out an ancient Easter greeting.

Whose Got the Stone?
What was rolled away from the tomb where Jesus was laid?


Fall Games

Fall of Life - A Faithful Race 
Players learn about the Apostle Paul's end-of-life declaration of having run his life-race well, from 2 Timothy 4:7.

Harvest Party Games
Five fun harvest-type games with Bible connections.

More Harvest Party Games  
Lynne, from Scotland, has sent in a complete Harvest Party event for kids to enjoy and learn about the importance of thanking God. Click the title to get a real apple adventure with games, crafts and Bible lessons!

Players compete to complete the THANKFUL List. Two ways to play: indoors or outdoors!

Thank You God For...
A variety of games, crafts and activities to prepare your class for Thanksgiving. 

Christmas Games

Christmas Game Scramble
Players match scrambled letters to the correct word, and then tell the Christmas story using those words.

Christmas Right and Left 

Players pass a small gift RIGHT then LEFT, as they hear those words in this unique story of Christmas.

Nine-Great Christmas Games


Valentines Day

Hidden Hugs  
A great game for Valentine's Day or Friendship Sunday.

(1 John 3:16-18) Players focus on love actions, not just love talk.

New Year's Resolution

July 4th Patriotic Games

Shamrock Shuffle 
A fun St. Patrick's Day game which emphasizes the Trinity.


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