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Come On Up, Moses
Encourages players to memorize the commandments in correct order (from the Jewish ordering).

Look n' Learn Ten Commands Review Game
Make three or more sets of cards. Each set in its own color. Laminate. Place cards in colored groups but in random order on a board attached with either blue tack or magnetic tape, numbered side up. Children divide into teams and choose a color. One person in the first team chooses a number and says the corresponding commandment. If correct, remove the card from the board and move to the next team and so on. The first team to collect their set wins. This is an extremely popular game with our children. (Created by Capt. Louise Weller--Church Army NZ--Canterbury Kids Coach)

Ten Commandments Dice Game 
Players roll dice to win commandment cards. 

Ten Commandments Race
Players race to fill in the correct answers on the tablets. A great memory builder!

Hot Bricks
Played like musical chairs except you pass around a toy brick and the person that is holding it when the music stops has to state one of the commandments. If they can't give one, they are out. (Created by student, Caroline P., from Joyce Kaack's 6th grade Sunday School class.

Hot Potato
Played similarly to Hot Bricks without music, but also incorporates the Look n' Learn memorization technique.

Sabbath Rest Game
"Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God" Exodus 20:9-10 (ESV).

Children's Bible Game Time

Play a game of Freeze Tag. Designate one, two, or three players to be "IT." At the go "IT" chases the other players to tag them and say, "Remember the Sabbath Day." The tagged player must FREEZE in place and respond by saying, "Keep it Holy." The other players may UNFREEZE FROZEN players by tagging them and saying, "Remember the Sabbath Day," with players responding again by saying, "Keep it holy." During play teacher slowly shouts a count to seven--six days to work, the seventh day to rest. At the count of seven, teacher yells, "Remember the Sabbath Day, with all the kids responding, "Keep it holy." Teacher designates new child or children to be "IT" in the next round of play.

Ten Chairs
Players move around a circle of chairs and scramble to sit when a whistle is blown. Teacher then calls out a number, 1-10. The child sitting in that numbered chair must say the matching command with the finger motion.

The Greatest Commandment? 
A low-activity game whereby players are challenged to arrange the commandments into the order they consider to be the most important, (from greatest to least). Bible lesson included.

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