Palm Sunday 

Children's Ministry Skit |by Faith Scott

Faith writes, "This is a short skit about Palm Sunday and Jesus coming into Jerusalem. There are several children and one adult lady in the group. Everything can be adjusted according to how many children are in the class and what space you have available for doing the skit."

(All but one of the children standing together, palm branches in hand waiting to see Jesus coming into Jerusalem.)

1st child (walks up to the others, speaking to the whole group he says:)

"What is everyone doing?"

2nd child: "We are waiting for Jesus to come by."

1st child: "Who is Jesus?"

2nd child: "You don't know who Jesus is?"

3rd child: "They say he is going to be our King. He is the son of God and he will free us from the Romans."

1st child: "Boy, that would be great, he must be a big and powerful man."

4th child: "Get a branch and you can wave it at him when he comes. He is coming to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover."

2nd child: "I can't see anything, I can't see Jesus, but I hear some shouting."

3rd child: "What are they shouting?"

Lady: "They are shouting. Hosanna, blessed is the king of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord. Hosanna means save us."

4th Child: "I can see him, I can see him, He is riding on a donkey."

1st child: "Why is he riding on a donkey, don't kings usually ride on a horse?"

4th child: "Here he comes, here he comes!"

(Everyone acts like Jesus is right in front of them, while waving their branches.)

3rd child: "Jesus is so kind and happy, but today he looks so sad."

(Everyone puts their branches down.)

Everyone says together: "Hail to our King! ...Jesus! ...Jesus!"

(Then everyone acts like Jesus has passed by.)

4th child: "There he goes, bye Jesus...bye Jesus."

1st child: When do you think Jesus will be made king? Where are his soldiers? All kings have soldiers!"

Copyright 2001 Faith Scott

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